Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sent it and now i can go back being sick peacefully~

yeah you read that right. i am not well, with flu attack and slight fever, i am not well. my nose's been blocked since last night. and my throat sore like..erm...sore la. and i got one mouth ulcer which make it difficult for me to chew. nice huh? a rare opportunity to stop eating. right?

yea right. i just gobbled 2 large pizza hut slices i bought after sending my thesis to be binded. Bought it to 'chia' for my family since they have been really supportive. ade korang cakap terima kasih kat mak thesis dah siap? takde? sila pegi beli pizza skarang!

hope i will be well before going to visit adam this weekend. eii cant wait. till then people.


Sue Andy's said...

tedah ko jee. mn dah sehat cepat2 kembali dan tolong aku di Chic Hijab~!!! x cukup tangan~ awwwwwwwww

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