Friday, November 26, 2010

Reality is cruel+ engagement ring

My worst fear right now is my weight. I was happy after my teaching practice that i lost 4KGs without i realised it. Really really happy. Unfortunately, the stress brought by my thesis last time made me eat more. and more. I gained another 2KGs. Then i told my self, nah, i can shed that 2 kilos in no time. Peanuts!

Last week, on the day of Eidul Adha, my weight was static after all the food i munched. Well, still ok. Happy of course.

Last night, i saw the scale next to the couch. So gatal la pegi pijak. #@$%^&*( I am back to my original kgs before i went for my practicum. WTH??

I am worried. I have 4months to lose some kilos and less than a year to get the ideal weight. I dont want to burst my wedding dress. Well havent found any but surely i want to fit in the SS size!!! $%^&*(. and one more thing, gaining more kilos make my finger fatter. B is coming next January to buy my engagement ring. Fat finger means more $$$$$!!!

 I bought that gold ring end of 2008 and i wore it on my middle finger. As you can see, can fit no more. i have fat fingers T____T

On a different note, I am happy. I have started discussing with my mom about my wedding. What i want and what i dont. And i told her where we are going to buy the ring, barang hantaran. all that stuffs. WEEEEE.!!!

and B is coming next January (mentioned already right???) oh well, excited much? =) We are going to choose the engagement ring together gether. the initial plan was to send a cheap one to him but no fun doing that. Nak jugak same2 orait. jOM Berangan bersama:

Once again: ini adalah untuk BERANGAN sahaja! i dont have the heart to 'rob' B just for a ring. hehe tp kalau bole pa salahnya...muehehehehehhee

p/s B, no pressure here. just k berangan jak =P

p/p/s If i get the emos type engagement ring, for the wedding, maybe no more ring. a bracelet will do =)

p/p/p/s Pictures from google=)


valentine87 said...

wah makin gem??? sik pa...kelak abis cuti exercise ngan mek...jap jap...mek suka cincin yg no 1 ia...meletezz

Sue Andy's said...

jee, i advice u beli la 1 ring/ any gold taun tok. k hold the barang, next year gold akan nait rega agik . my MIL said (she's penggila brg kemas) next year probably nait agik sampe RM200/gms~ better hurry. grab one. ambik burok2 pn xpa. then trade in with the one u loike once ur encik B dtg okay?

nurul ghazak said...

shambuns: sebab ya nya no 1..mek suko bah. nang taste mak hoccay.huhu

suz: sekda duit koh T___T. sekpa mun emas nait tpksa k mas putih..beli time valentine day byk promo.

Sue Andy's said...

white gold i loike. :D tp extreme la mun nait smpe rm200. ku pun cm x cayak. tp ada kemungkinan juak. cm time ku beli dlok rm90+ jak, now RM150+

Diamond Engagement Rings Boston said...

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