Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tido pun nak senyum jugak

i am so exhausted. mentally and physically. spent a day at Jalan TAR getting new stocks for shawls. and mentally because i am rushing against the very the limited time to polish up my thesis. dammit. i spent almost 3 hours fixing the what..erm..format, indent, spacing, and what not. havent started with the grammar and structures. my eyes are damn heavy right now. i woke up as early as 4.30a.m - due to minor flu attack and restless mind. i was thinking about my thesis the whole night. i left my laptop charger at home and i couldnt do anything about my thesis. what a bad week.

okkkaayyy..enough crappin. just now i called B. my head was heavy. my flu's getting worst. and i was sooo sleepy. we chatted for a while. then he said he wanted to sing for me. so i let him sing.

he sang 'Just The Way You are by Bruno Mars! I am seriously touched. you know he's been practicing how to sing that song. and before he sang, he told me he was quite nervous. cute. ok la..sila pergi muntah.

his singing made me smile. enough said =)

from here

Good night people. have beautiful dream everybody! =)


sword said...

when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile, cause girl you are amazing, just the way you are...

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