Saturday, April 26, 2014

8 months

Never thought I'd go this far. Alhamdulillah ��

Monday, April 21, 2014

Fine motor skill and email

7 months and 2 weeks, Minmin has unlocked one of his fine motor skills which is to hold bottle till the last drop of milk. Though still a bit shaky I'm proud of him haha

For those who emailed me asking about exclusive pumping, pardon for the late of reply coz i'm planning to answer it on blog for all to see. Hehe

I have a Facebook account but I dont feel comfortable sharing it. Just email me ok �� I'll get back to ya a.s.a.p

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I is small heart

As someone who does not know me, what more my struggles everyday, your words felt like they sliced my skin little by little.

I was in the surau. Doing normal stuff I did every 3 hours since Min was born. Came this kakak. She was observing me.the she asked questions. Then I explained. Then she praised me for my effort to feed my baby.

Then i walked to the washing area to wash up. Then i heard the kakak saying something about how much I've missed for not being able to breastfeed on baby,how i missed the bonding between a mother and a baby, how the baby missed getting to know the mother's features,smells and touch.

She was telling it to anothet kakak, whispering as if she didnt want me to hear. But the surau is small and she has a speaker voice.

As usual, i know i can just bullshit the comment but again it feels like my 'disability' is being highlighted over and over again. I received enough from the people who are related by blood now strangers.

Sometimes i feel like it is so much easier to feed Min the cow's milk. When people learned that your babybis formula fed, it stops there. But if you are a pumper, it raises eyebrows.

I feel like punching the kakak's face but it's only in the mind. For what is worth, my baby is fat,chubby,healthy and happy from my own milk.

And regarding bonding between mom and baby, Min needs to be next to me, play with my face and hug me every night before he goes off to lala land.

I hate justifying because i know it shows the insecurities i feel about myself. I do

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Minmin's new high chair

Minmin has reached a level where he prefers to feed himself and refuses food if his own hands are not involved in the process of bringing the food to his mouth i.e. he wants to hold the spoon. Since he's still figuring out how to coordinate the hands, you can imagine how messy and stressful mealtimes are.haha

He had successfully soiled his walker and yesterday, the stroller. The mess makes me wanna cry because some parts cant be unattached from the stroller. Still figuring out how to clean them ��

Anyhoo,after much thought finally I bought a new high chair for him. Went to a baby store and bought one. As someone who usually buys thing based on appearance, I almost bought an expensive high chair with very chic design. Luckily it's in the middle of the month and my pocket isnt that fat so I bought the cheapest one. Plaim white high chair.

I'm glad I did because Min's style of feeding himself includes face and body scrub with the porridge down to his thighs and feet . Then with the hands he would touch everywhere. That's how he injured his walker and stroller. ��

So as expexted today, he 'officiated' the high chair with a few drops of puke followed by smearing all the possible areas he could reach with his food.


I still love you Minmin. Hee ��

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hari inggar sedunia

Hari ni hati macam nak panas je.macam macam hal dari pagi tadi. Tadi pulak sorang sembang kencang cakap jadi exclusive pumping mom ni senang je. Aku rasa macam.....haihhhhhjj

Kalau senang takde la aku salu dok emosi bagai.kalau senang takdela aku salu duk ngerepak.

Nak aje bgtau orang tu cuba try skali for a week then datang sembang ngan aku senang ke tak.

Pastu da orang suka2 nak claim diri EP mom.haish... exclusive pumping, perkataan exclusive tu dah cukup nak terangkan pa benda ep mom tu.takyah la nak berhujah 'i lebih banyak pam dari direct feeding so i kira ep mom la'. Wah kau.claim diri camtu lepas senang je jatuh hukum pump lagi senang dari directpffftttttttttt!!!!

Aaaa apsal aku emo arini...apsalllllll


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Muhamin 7 months old

Tho he has started solid,he still prefers the milk. I was hopeful when people told me once he started to eat, he wud consume less milk. I was being hopeful because i tot i could cut down on pumping haha coz it's tiring. Still a mommy's boy he loves milk.haha

He babbles more now

He knows how to attract people's attention

He hates being in the house

He loves being outside for outing, walking.

He is around 9-10 kg now. Muhaimin attracts attention because he is big but his parents are small built.haha

He hates toys but loves non-toy items.

Sleep less now which gives atok headache.because he wants to be entertained and carried all the time.hehe

Aaa what else?

He loves dates porridge,hates puree.

He wants to eat everything. If he saw us eating, he would stare and had that ' feed meeehhhh' look till your heart melts eventhou you were only eating sambal belacan.

He walks a few steps in his walker now.

He rolls over on the mat effortlessly

Sometimes he refuses to sleep in his cot and wants to sleep next to mommy

He listens and giggles when someone reads him story books

He still drools like niagara falls

He knows how to reject things that he doesnt want

Waaa that's a lot.haha

Min has grown a lot since a month ago. Unfortunately his Ayah wasnt around to witness all these. So dear readers, please help to pray so that Minmin's ayah gets to transfer here as soon as possible. Only God can repay all your kindness

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Of Second Baby

Muhaimin is 7 months old now.

Already birds asking when he can get a younger sibling.

I usually laughed the comments off.

But some just super annoying.

I hate when they use reason like 

"beranak je banyak banyak senang semua besar sekali"

eh ko ingat aku ni kilang ke ape?

Minmin InsyaAllah is not going to be the only child.

But to talk about the second this is not the time yet.

I have reason(S) - capital S intended- for this but I owe none explanation to anyone.

This post is just to get rid of this annoying feeling I've had the whole day.haha

4 months pregnant in Seoul.I miss the moment of having a human being in my belly hehe
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