Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Minmin's new high chair

Minmin has reached a level where he prefers to feed himself and refuses food if his own hands are not involved in the process of bringing the food to his mouth i.e. he wants to hold the spoon. Since he's still figuring out how to coordinate the hands, you can imagine how messy and stressful mealtimes are.haha

He had successfully soiled his walker and yesterday, the stroller. The mess makes me wanna cry because some parts cant be unattached from the stroller. Still figuring out how to clean them ��

Anyhoo,after much thought finally I bought a new high chair for him. Went to a baby store and bought one. As someone who usually buys thing based on appearance, I almost bought an expensive high chair with very chic design. Luckily it's in the middle of the month and my pocket isnt that fat so I bought the cheapest one. Plaim white high chair.

I'm glad I did because Min's style of feeding himself includes face and body scrub with the porridge down to his thighs and feet . Then with the hands he would touch everywhere. That's how he injured his walker and stroller. ��

So as expexted today, he 'officiated' the high chair with a few drops of puke followed by smearing all the possible areas he could reach with his food.


I still love you Minmin. Hee ��


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