Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Of Second Baby

Muhaimin is 7 months old now.

Already birds asking when he can get a younger sibling.

I usually laughed the comments off.

But some just super annoying.

I hate when they use reason like 

"beranak je banyak banyak senang semua besar sekali"

eh ko ingat aku ni kilang ke ape?

Minmin InsyaAllah is not going to be the only child.

But to talk about the second this is not the time yet.

I have reason(S) - capital S intended- for this but I owe none explanation to anyone.

This post is just to get rid of this annoying feeling I've had the whole day.haha

4 months pregnant in Seoul.I miss the moment of having a human being in my belly hehe


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