Thursday, April 3, 2014

Muhamin 7 months old

Tho he has started solid,he still prefers the milk. I was hopeful when people told me once he started to eat, he wud consume less milk. I was being hopeful because i tot i could cut down on pumping haha coz it's tiring. Still a mommy's boy he loves milk.haha

He babbles more now

He knows how to attract people's attention

He hates being in the house

He loves being outside for outing, walking.

He is around 9-10 kg now. Muhaimin attracts attention because he is big but his parents are small built.haha

He hates toys but loves non-toy items.

Sleep less now which gives atok headache.because he wants to be entertained and carried all the time.hehe

Aaa what else?

He loves dates porridge,hates puree.

He wants to eat everything. If he saw us eating, he would stare and had that ' feed meeehhhh' look till your heart melts eventhou you were only eating sambal belacan.

He walks a few steps in his walker now.

He rolls over on the mat effortlessly

Sometimes he refuses to sleep in his cot and wants to sleep next to mommy

He listens and giggles when someone reads him story books

He still drools like niagara falls

He knows how to reject things that he doesnt want

Waaa that's a lot.haha

Min has grown a lot since a month ago. Unfortunately his Ayah wasnt around to witness all these. So dear readers, please help to pray so that Minmin's ayah gets to transfer here as soon as possible. Only God can repay all your kindness


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