Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I want now

I want to soak myself like in the picture.

Had durian just now and I'm sweating profusely right now. wuuu
Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ya Hanana - Beruntungnya Kami

I first fell in love with this when my school students performed this for one of the school programmes. I love the melody, the soothing sound of their voices and the instruments. I googled about this and MasyaAllah the lyric is beautiful. When I'm bored, I listen to this. But not this version. The one sung by small kids. Hopefully Baby A will love them too =)

ya hana na
Betapa Beruntungnya Kami

ظَهَرَ الدِّينُ المُؤَيَّد   بِظُهُورِالنَّبِى اَحمَد
dzoharoddiinul muayyad bidzhuhuurin nabi ahmad
Telah muncul agama yang didukung,  dengan munculnya sang Nabi Ahmad

يَا هَنَانَــــــــا بِمُحَمَّد  ذَلِكَ الفَضلُ مِنَ الله
ya hana na bimuhammad   dzalikal fadhlu minallah
Betapa beruntungnya kami dengan Muhammad (Saw), itulah anugerah daripada Allah SWT

يَا هَنَانَا
ya hana na
Betapa Beruntungnya Kami

خُصَّ بِالسَّبعِ المَثَانِى   وَحَوى لُطفَ المَعَأنِى
khusho bissab’il matsani   wa hawa luthfal ma’ani
Diistimewakan dengan as-Sab’ul Matsany (al-Fatihah), penghimpun rahsia bagi setiap makna

مَالَهُ فِى الخَلقِ ثَانِى   وَعَلَيهِ اَنزَلَ الله
ma lahu fil kholqi tsani   wa a’laihi anzalallah
Tidak ada yang senilai dengannya, dan Allah mewahyukan kepadanya (Muhammad SAW)

يَا هَنَانَا
ya hana na
Betapa Beruntungnya Kami

مِن مَكَّةٍ لَمَّا ظَهَر    لِاَجلِهِ انشَقَ القَمَر
min makkatillamma dzohar    liajlihin syaqqal qomar
Ketika di Makkah bulan tampak terbelah deminya (Muhammad SAW),

وَافتخَرَت الُ مُضَر   بِهِ عَلى كُلِّ الاَنَام
waf takhorot aalu mudhor     bihi ala kullil anam
lalu kabilah Mudhar (kabilah Muhammad SAW) dibanggakan oleh seluruh manusia

ya hana na
Betapa beruntungnya kami

اَطيَبُ النَّاسِ خَلقًا   وَاَجَلُّ النَّاسِ خُلُقُا
athyabunnasi kholqon   wa ajallunnasi khuluqon
Beliau adalah manusia yang terbaik ciptaanNya, dan teragung akhlaknya

ذِكرُهُ غَربًا وَشَرقًا   سَائِرٌ وَالحَمدُ لِله
dzikruhu ghorbaw wa syarqon    saa iruw walhamdu lillah
Semua berzikir ke atasnya samada di barat atau di timur, segala puji hanya bagi Allah SWT

ya hana na
Betapa beruntungnya kami

صَلُّوا عَلى خَيرِ الاَنَام   المُصطَفَى بَدرِالتَّمَام
shollu a’la khoiril anami   al musthofa badrittamami
Berselawatlah ke atas sebaik-baik manusia (Muhammad SAW) yang terpilih, sang bulan purnama

صَلُّوا عَلَيهِ وَسَلِّمُوا   يَشفَع لَنَأ يَومَ الزِّحَام
shollu a’laihi wasallimu  yasyfa’ lana yaumazzihami
Sampaikanlah salam kepadanya, moga diberi syafaat di hari kebangkitan

يَا هَنَانَا
ya hana na
Betapa beruntungnya kami

يَا هَنَانَا

Monday, July 29, 2013

Swaddle Pod

When you are preparing to become a parent, you will learn that there are thousands of baby stuffs that you never knew they exist.

Swaddle Pod is one of the things I never knew existed.

Taken from,
The SwaddlePod is ideal for very young infants, even preemies, in that it creates a cozy womb like feeling for baby and helps prevent baby from startling awake. Simple and easy to use, just zip baby into the pod. The soft, comfortable spandex cotton blend stretches with babys movements for comfort.
 Basically it's a modern swaddle a.k.a bedung.hehe I bought two for my baby. Let's see how he fits being swaddled.haha

 The blue thing at the bottom left corner is my belly.hahah baru prasan.

I purchased mine from here for RM40 each =)

Anyhoo, here's the instructions on how to use this swaddle.

Happy swaddling your baby!

Baby stuffs again

Last Saturday I put down deposit for Baby A's first ride. hehe I went to Yong Fong  just to survey the price. They offered the best price we could get so without hesitation,  I put down some deposit. This month's budget was spent on breastpump so I told them I kehhhnotttt get the stroller this month. Then they said I could put some deposit and pay the remaining when I want to collect the ride.

We have been aiming this particular model for few months already. It's lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to maneuver as well. If i really follow my napsu I'd have gotten Quinny(it looks so masculine) but I have few big mirrors at home and know where I stand. hehe So Baby A's first ride insyaAllah will be:


 Well the advert definitely exaggerates.haha

It comes in 3 colours - Orange, Black and Purple. Really want the purple one but Baby A is a boy. So the fierce orange it is =)

B and I have done our survey from the internet to look for reviews. It fits our criteria. We have tried it at some baby shops and love how easy to maneuver and to assemble disassemble. And it's ultra light! Only 4.6 kg! We kinda agreed on this since a month

I will get this ride next month. It's in the budget. Actually B and I dont really think a stroller is that urgent since my Sis-in-law has passed down Ayfa's baby carrier to us but we have plans to travel a lot to and fro Sarawak till end of the year so I think having a stroller is crucial too. We have many weddings coming up in Sarawak and Semenanjung. And we will definitely go back and forth Sibu and Miri to see the relatives. Hope we make the right decision.

Baby A, please behave and like your first ride ok! If you refuse to sit in it, Mommy's gonna cry T__T

I think all the important stuffs for the Baby is ready. It's the waiting game now. Dup dap dup dap....
Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week35

Woo hooo!!!! Week 35 baby!

 Another shot in le me favourite place #staffstoilet. haha

How far along? 35 weeks and 5 days!! Alhamdulillah =) Due date is exactly one month from now!
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a honeydew @.@
Weight gain? currently at 65kg. Weight gain has become slower.
Belly condition? Very itchy at times. super needle pain when baby was too active. Both made me sleepless and restless

Energy level? Now ok2 la. Yesterday went for shopping, could walk and stand for 3 hours without sitting down.muehehehe
Sleep? Ok2 oso. Sometimes kehnot sleep. Sometimes can. Very comfortable lying on my right side tho some says it will put pressure on my liver. Lying on my back isnt an option. On the hates it.hahah
Maternity clothes? Symptoms? Swollen feet but on the right foot onleyh
Comfort level? Comfort? What is that?
Cravings? Donut yang kaler2 mcm2 flavour tuuuuu
Best moment of the week? Erm......erm......

What I miss the most? Sexy bellehhhyyyyyyyy
What I look forward to? Hubby will be home in  dayssssss =))))
Weekly Wisdom? Endure endure endure
Friday, July 26, 2013

One More Week

Today, my school clerk passed me this letter.

It's getting real people! I'm going to deliver a baby!!!! aaaaaaaaa

I opt for 90 days maternity leave. Because I plan to stay in Bintulu from October to December with B. If I take only 2 months, 3 weeks before Nov school holiday I would have to come back.hehe the leave will start after raya holidays. my 90th day would be on the first day of November school holiday. Pandai tak ai plan?muehehehe

For those who didnt know, all government servants (female onleyhhhh) are granted 300days paid maternity leave. I'm using 90 days for my first baby. If I plan to have let say 5 babies, I would have to take unpaid leave for the remaining 2 and half babies. hehehehe

I'm lucky that I will have extra 2 weeks leave due to Raya holidays. Great planning? hehehehehe

Next week will be my final week of working for 2013. I feel great. Colleagues also have started giving advices, tips, food, wish me good luck. I feel loved. What could be a better working place right?

 Two of colleagues who went for Umrah gave me this. Mom oso bought some when she was there. The fact that my colleagues remember me when they were there is just... MasyaAllah. Thank you Allah for all the great people around me =)

But erm...still donno how to use this. Mom oso donno. Would have to google it.
Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's talk breastpump

I couldnt believe that I am at this stage already, breastpump, a topic that I've never thought I would be interested in.hahaha I'm committed to give the best milk in the world to my baby and due to that, a little investment is crucial i.e. the breastpump. My criteria for the pump are:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Portable
  3. Double pumping
  4. Freestyle
Why the because?

I am a working mother. And if you are teaching in my school, it's not easy to find  time to really sit down and pump.haha geli pulak aku.hahaha but true, susah. So based on colleagues' advices, they all told me to search for pump with those criteria. And when we talk about freestyle, most moms I asked would suggest Medela Freestyle. Why Freestyle? Quote from a colleague, 'Kau nak pump sambil mengajar pon boleh!"

Opkos this was my first option. and kinda stick to it till.........a few hours ago.hehe The cheapest price we could find for this model is 1.5k.  I thought we have the budget until something came up last night that we had to pull the budget. So bye bye Medela Freestyle. Maybe next baby =)

So after doing much surveying, finding another option that could replace Medela Freestyle, I think I found one. at much much cheaper that i could afford. Ok B and I could afford.hehehe

So, we settled with this brand called Spectra. I've heard about Spectra before but was never interested because of their bulky designs. But! They have come out with a new design,  that fits my criteria. Introducing ......

Spectra Cimilre M1 Electric Breast Pump

Sorry for the blur photos. The best I could find...

 I cant give you the review yet coz I havent tried it. Heck, I havent received it too. Anyhoo, let's just pray that I've made the right decision. Shall we? =)

Anyhoo, if you are a new mom interested with this, go here to purchase PumpOnTheGo
Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Handing over

I have been spending my time since Monday reorganizing my things at work and home. My nesting mood has definitely increased now the date is getting closer. I have arranged all the files, the papers, the works to be handed over to school, to my colleagues, to substitute teacher and my students. Not 100% done yet, but getting there.hehe Next week will be my final week in school for this year. See you all again in 2014! muehehehe

I hope when I leave, I leave good. Means no pending stuffs to be settled. I really hope I will not get any call from the school when I am away for my maternity leave.heheheh Hopefully!

As for things at home, I feel so agitated looking at the dust surrounding the fan. I really want to clean them but I dont want to risk climbing on things. So have to wait for B to come back. I oso kehnotttttt tahan looking at the stain on the toilet wall. Really want to scrub them but dowanna risk hurting my back. My masseuse will be back in 2 weeks time =D

What else eh??

Ahah! Time flies too fast that it's been two weeks since fasting month started. Alhamdulillah I cannot praise God enough for giving me the strength and chance to fulfill my duty this year. Fasting has definitely brings its own good to me. My HB level has been low since the beginning of my pregnancy. I ate so many things but nothing seems to work.

But!!! After fasting for 2 weeks, HB reading skyrocketed to 10.7, the highest in 8 months!. Syukran!! I tot with fasting the level would drop lower because I ate less but that was not the case at all. Miracle huh?

Maybe due to Kurma that I ate.hehehehe

No picture to share today. Hhee
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

True Meaning of Craving

Since this journey started, I have had few things that I craved for. Some that I could get some still pending till this day. I dont let myself be too indulge in wanting something like if I want it  I want it. But more to 'kalau ada, adalah' kinda. That helps to keep the stress of not getting you want away. Plus with husband is away most of the time, one can you do?haha Like craving for Ikea meatball. if I really really psycho about it, I would have driven myself up to Damansara =)

Anyhoo, one of the things I craved for was this kerepek bawang. or some call it kerepek telinga. I've been searching for this since January. This kerepek usually appears around raya. Told my colleague last week and voila, yesterday (Monday) she handed me a packet she got from Batu Pahat. Rezeki yo!

And the whole day yesterday I was so giddy and excited waiting for Maghrib because of this! Just took a small portion of mee goreng, a glass of water and later gobbled em up!! Even I was surprised with myself to have that kind of reaction to kerepek.hahahaha Even for sahur this morning, I ate more than my rice. Boleh gitu? 

All is going to end up in my belly soon. Whatevs, I feel super satisfied. Is this love? eh is this what people call craving? =)
Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week34

Week 34 now....*yawn*

No one to help me take picture. Self-taken belly picture.muehehehe

How far along? 34 weeks and 5 days!! Alhamdulillah =) 37 days to go. Yikesssss!!~~
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a cantaloupe (no idea what it was..haha) Baby's weight around 2.7kg already.
Weight gain? After one week of fasting, I lost 4 kg. wehuuuu! Luckily, Baby continues to gain.hehe Now mommy is 64kg. *grin*
Belly condition? Stripes everywhere. In fact they have started to appear on butt, thighs, waist, breasts and calves. Nice huh?
Energy level? Very low
Sleep? I cried every night cause I kehhhnotttt sleep. How's that?
Maternity clothes? Symptoms? swollen feet
Comfort level? I can fight with myself to find any comfortable position to sit, sleep and stand.
Cravings? Ikea meatballs, Subway
Best moment of the week? Saw Baby smiling during monthly scan.muehehehe

What I miss the most? Sleep....sleep....sleep...
What I look forward to? Aaaa...i want to say delivery day but I'm scared.hoho
Weekly Wisdom? Allah will provide. InsyaAllah =)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Allah Will Provide

Bringing a child into the world can sometimes cause stress. 

Stress because you are afraid you cant provide for his needs.

Afraid you wont be a good parent 

Afraid you cant protect him.

And many more.

I believe Allah will provide. InsyaAllah
Friday, July 19, 2013

Kicking Mommy

Baby A definitely kicks more these days. Sometimes the kicks caused a lil bit of pain but mommy dont mind. I'm just happy that he's kicking.hehe As long as you are happy and healthy lil munckin!!

The other day I went for another check-up at Putra Specialist. My baby weight currently is estimated at 2.7kg @.@. Doc said he could grow up to 3.5kg by the time of delivery. For a small petite mommy like me, she's kinda worried. So in 3 weeks I have to come back coz she wants to check my 'way out'. Whether I'm capable of delivering the baby normally. InsyaAllah. I popped out of my mom at 3.55kg, so InsyaAllah I can.hehe

I miss B. I miss B. =(
Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beauty Stripes

Seems like I'm updating every night huh?hehe I dont know. The nearer the journey to its end, the more I want everything to be written, as part of my life journey.hehehe

Today, after evening bath, I was applying stretchmarks lotion on the skin when I noticed few blurry lines on my calves. I thought I scratched them or something. After really scrutinizing them, I came to a conclusion...they are stretchmarks! aaaaaaaaaaaa as if having the stripes on the belly, thighs, bumps, arms arent enough.....

Dont judge too quickly. I'm not worried about how horrible they look but they are super itchy. Can I cry now?? Sometimes I couldnt sleep at night due to the itchiness...

Few more weeks to go mommy. Endure, endure, endure. Allah will reward you greatly =)))

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Motherhood Moment

I climbed 3 flight of stairs today. Because the library was full

My 3Beta boys broke my heart again today. I felt nehmind.

My feet felt like they were gonna tear anytime due to my body weight.

My head throbbed like hell the whole day.


 all the pain and discomfort went away


I saw my baby smiling for the first time today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

He smiled!

He freakin' smiled for a moment there...not once but twice!

I never knew baby could smile in the womb.

Mine did today.

No wonder people say the pain while delivering a baby will go away once you have your baby in your arms. All my pain today went away when he smiled. 

MasyaAllah =)

However, when the 4D scanned photo was out, he smiled no more. Malu eh?hehe

He has my mouth, B's nose and definitely our wide forehead.mIAHAHAHAhahaha 

Mommy really cant wait to hold you in my arms, lil munchkin =')
Tuesday, July 16, 2013


At 34th weeks of pregnancy, everytime colleagues, friends, family asked me 'Hey how do you feel today?' my answer would always be short and precise.


followed by a quick smile.


Never thought carrying yourself could be this heavy. At 68kg (my pre-pregnancy weight was 45-46kg) my mobility has definitely become very limited.

I still drive myself to work at 6.10am every morning though Abah has offered her chauffeuring service. I decline because I know I'm still well to drive. I love going to work. I just dont feel like entering class and teaching. So many heartaches went on when you enter class.

First because the boys would stare at my belly or maybe breasts too. 
Then they would whisper to each other and sometimes followed by giggles.
When I asked them to do work, a few would challenge me, partly because they knew there's nothing much I could do. Before I was pregnant, I would smack them. Now I just stood and gave them deadly stares.

Too much psychological stuffs going on when I entered class. At this stage, all I want to do is worried about myself, not how the students are doing.

But Alhamdulillah, despite all the challenges, I managed to finish all the syllabus. I'm really grateful to be given time and strength and oh dont forget patience too to make sure my Form 3 boys read the literature novel and finish their grammar syllabus. Muehehehehe At least when I go for my leave, the substitute teacher can focus on drilling to prepare them for PMR. Thank you Allah for the ease of journey.

I'm counting days to Raya school holidays because I'm applying for early maternity leave. My expected due date would be on 27th August. Raya holidays will be from 7-18 August. I dont think I wanna spend another one week before my due in school. Who knows Baby A wanna pop early right? Plus, based on my calculations, if I take 3 months maternity leave, my hols will be all the way till year-end school holiday in November. Approximately, I will have at least 5 months maternity leave. Naisssssssssssssss =)))) I hope rezeki will be on our side so that Baby and I can spend at least 2 months in Bintulu. Still doing house hunting at the moment.

Another thing to add to my blessing basket is so far I've managed to fulfil my fasting duty. I tot I would not make it or having problems fasting due to low HB but Alhamdulillah, God eased the way and I'm managed to fast for 7 days so far. I hope to fast for 30 days this year. Pray for me okey?

Sedapnya kalau dapat makan ni.hehe Maybe after confinement. Can B??? =p
Monday, July 15, 2013

Rocking Chair

Now that I'm hitting 8 months, comfort has definitely left me for good. I couldnt sleep at night, walking felt like stepping on thousand nails, even sitting felt like somebody was twisting my abdomen... basically, comfort no more for mommy. I think B was tired or maybe worried about me that he bought me, a rocking chair.

It happened last Saturday when he was in town. Mom wanted a new set of dining table for raya. I insisted of going with her because staying at home doing nothing in fasting month made me even more tired. So B had to go to ensure his whale-wife's safety.miahahaha

So mom, my 2 brothers, B and I packed in a car and off we went. We toured around Melaka, surveyed 6 furniture stores and at the 6th shop Mom finally found the one that she wanted. I was already exhausted by that time. and the day was super hot too. While waiting for Mom to settle the errand, I sat on a rocking chair that was on display there. and started mumbling how comfortable it was et cetera et cetera. 

I think, B missed hearing me saying the word 'comfortable' ahahahahaha so he quickly suggested 'Let's buy it!'. Of course I turned down the idea coz well....I dont really think we need it. B insisted. Plus the Pakistani guy saw an opening to seduce him to buy....haish....

Cut story short, deposit paid, the next day the chair arrived with Mom's dining table.

B was given the honor to model the chair.hahaha actually I forced him to.mueheheheh Thank you hubby for trying to give the world to me. I love you much much. ok geli den =p

My mom's comfy couch can never fulfill my changing body but the rocking chair can. Hopefully it can last till I deliver because i kid you not, even sitting has become a chore. I can use the rocking to rock my baby to sleep too...tee hee hee

Love your mom peeps. Pregnancy aint easy. I learnt it the hard way =)
Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week33

Week 33 yallsssssss~~~

Horror nya muka....sembap gilbab =____='

How far along? 33 weeks and 5 days!! Alhamdulillah =) 44 days to go. fuh fuh fuh fuh~~
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a pineapple.
Weight gain? 68kg. Y__Y
Belly condition? Stripes everywhere. I feel very heyuuuuuugeeeee at this moment.

Energy level? Now that it's fasting month, I feel very tired most of the time.
Sleep? Troubled. Very

Maternity clothes? Symptoms? Adding swollen and bleeding gums to the list.

Comfort level? Nada~
Cravings? Erm....
Best moment of the week? Able to fast till today. Alhamdulillah. And Baby was super active since I started fasting. weird huh? =)

What I miss the most? Old body figure.miaahahahaha.
What I look forward to? A barakah Ramadhan
Weekly Wisdom? Hang in there. Few weeks more to go. Fuh!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Second day of Fasting

Alhamdulillah, second day of fasting proved to be much easier than the first one.hehe I felt more energetic today and more cheerful. Not sure why though.haha maybe coz my colleagues are awesome.

eh tetiba malas pulak nak menaip.

Good night world!

p/s post yg hampeh =______=
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First day of Fasting

At 8 months of being pregnant, first day of fasting was definitely a huge challenge for me. Just like a little girl learning how to fast, my eyes kept looking at the clock ticking, waiting for the maghrib adzan. haha My doctor said if you are pregnant, 6 months or less, fasting shouldnt be a problem. But if you have passed the stage, it's going to be a challenge.

It was for me indeed. But! I didnt feel hungry at all. Just nauseous, terrible headache and sometimes dizzy. I spent most of the time lying down praying I'd survive the day.hahahahahah

Alhamdulillah, Allah granted the strength and baby was very cooperative. No heartburn, no gastric. Wee huuuuu!!

For iftar, unlike usual, I took the food, chewed slowly. Drank warm tea instead of iced drinks. Dont wanna shock my system. But still, I feel dizzy right now. I guess the fluid in my body is adjusting . I feel very tired too. Even to lift a limb. Hopefully this will go away tomorrow.

Thank you Melaka for giving us a day off today. Just wondering how would my body adjusts to walking around, climbing stairs under hot sun tomorrow. Pray for me =))

Mom made roti jala for iftar. But this is not the real picture.I just hate to post without at least one picture.hehe

Lesgo to DAY 2!

Tanamera Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

My eyes were set on Tanamera confinement set since few months ago after reading the testimonials from other moms. Finally I ordered one set from the web page and 3 days later, a box arrived on my doorstep. One of the reasons I choose Tanamera because there's no jamu. hehe

This is taken from the website.

There are 11 items in the box but so far I've been using only one which is the virgin coconut oil.

You see, my stretchmarks are pretty bad. Ok not pretty bad, it's super bad guys. Yesterday I was sitting on the couch when mom walked in front of me. I've outgrown B's shirt so it kinda revealed a lil bit of my belly. Mom was shocked to see the stripes. yikessss! She had pretty bad ones but looking at mine she said mine's worst T__________T. So I showed her my whole belly and her eyes almost popped. Hyperbole but she was shocked. Coz she said hers werent as bad as mine. I just hope it wont bleed. tsskkkk~

I've used various lotions and oils for stretchmarks but none works. BioOil, Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter......

I have never scratched the stripes no matter how itchy they were. Mom, my doc, the nurses thought I scratched them. How can I if I cant even touch them? Pedih. One of the reasons I bought Tanamera this early because I need the oil. I heard it's good for stretchmarks.

So now today, after 2 weeks ++ of using it, I could say it doesnt help to reduce the multiplication of the stripes but DEFINITELY helps to ease the itchiness. I applied one in the morning before going to work and my day would be 'itchiless' till evening. Yeay!

I guess my belly grows at a fast rate till my skin cannot cope hence the stripes. What ever, I dont bother anymore because I have a baby, my baby growing inside. And InsyaAllah we'll meet in few weeks to come =)

p/s So excited to know that Vivy has safely delivered her baby. Cant wait for my turn =))
Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Alhamdulillah, we meet again Ramadhan this year. I'm excited yet nervous at the same time. I hope and pray I can fast this year at this stage. Be strong baby. But if you really cannot tahan, hit me ok so Mommy can go eat. If you can, we'll do this together so mommy dont have to ganti =)

Selamat Beribadah semua =)
Monday, July 8, 2013


I hate it when some people made me feel like I'm not doing enough to ensure my baby's growth. As if they were Gods, as if they were my doctors, as if they were me =( Sometimes they made me feel like I'm the worst mother in the world. Just because I dont drink milk. So to make myself feel better, here are the things I consume to substitute Anmum or Enfamama.


1. Iberet Folic
Normal low HB people eat this once a day. But following my Doc's instruction, I take this twice a day because I'm not normal HB, I'm pregnant low HB.haha a box costs RM28 and I need at least 2 boxes per month. This pill contains acid folic, calcium, vitamin B so I no need to take those given by the Klinik Kesihatan.

2. Pomegranate Juice
At the beginning of my pregnancy, I couldnt swallow this. But towards the end now, it's my daily supplement. I've been taking this wayyyy before I was pregnant. My MIL bought it for me since I married her son.hehehe But this juice gives me heartburn, every single time.

3. Goat's milk
I dont drink this everyday. Coz it's expensive. hahaha ok la...not because of that but the milk gives me super headache. Drink this once or twice a week or depending how many times I go to Jusco in a week.

4. Kurma and Kismis
Mom went for Umrah in March. She brought back sooooo many dates and raisins, for me. I eat raisins just like eating rice sometimes. But again, I dont take these two everyday. Depending on mood.

5. Watermelon
I eat this everyday. I could finish one whole watermelon in a single seating.heheh I make sure I have watermelon everyday. Sometimes Mom would buy it for me. If I ran out of stock, mak buyong akan gigih kluar mencari. Our body is heaty, watermelon works like an airconditioner inside.hihi

Now that I've listed all those, I feel better. I AM doing something for my baby. InsyaAllah it will grow healthily. =) I'm planning to add coconut drink into daily supplement but too lazy to stop by the road side to buy.hmmm
Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week32

Week 32 Baby! Woohoooo~~

Swollen feet yo! Can you feel the suffering of my slipper?haha
Look like a makcik here. A very pregnant model for bro's new car.muahahaha Did I sell it?

How far along? 32 weeks and 5 days!! Alhamdulillah =) 51 days to go. fuh fuh fuh fuh
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of bok choy.
Weight gain? 66kg. Y__Y
Belly condition? Stripes everywhere. But Tanamera VOC really helps with the itch. Have been using it for 2 weeks now. Will blog about it later =)
Energy level? Low.
Sleep? Troubled. 
Maternity clothes? Symptoms? Heartburn, bloating, frequent cramps.
Comfort level? Fit current trimester.
Cravings? None so far. I find that my appetite is getting less. Should I be worried?
Best moment of the week? B's expression when Baby kicked or moving actively till my perut senget2. Priceless

What I miss the most? My normal feet, unswollen feet.haha havent seen them about 2weeks already.

What I look forward to? Foood from bazaar ramadhan.haha
Weekly Wisdom? Go mommy go!
Saturday, July 6, 2013

Leaving on a jetplane

We sent B to the airport today. Mom, me and Daus. with Daus' new car =)

I didnt cry tho. Not a pang of sadness because I know he'll fly home in 5 days.hehehehehe Actually I seldom cry when he left except when it was my working day and I came home to an empty room. If I sent him to the airport, no problemo, mommy isnt going to cry

The whole journey to the airport, B stationed his hand on my belly. Surprisingly, Baby moved actively tho it was not his active hours. You feel daddy isit? Even the last few seconds before B got off the car, Baby kicked as hard as he could. You dowan daddy to leave? =)

A lump from inside. Could be the butt.haha

Now that B's gone, I'm back on blogging, full force. yerrrrr cakap je. karang berabok jugak blog ni.haha I find that I dont have any mood to update when he's around. So it can be concluded that social networking sites only work for me when I'm lonely. Ironic isnt it?
Friday, July 5, 2013

Alhamdulillah, I still got to experience it...

Last week, when B decided to extend his stay I was wondering what was the hikmah behind this. Couldnt crack the mystery till just now. I got to experience all those sweet acts a husband do to a pregnant wife =)

Before this, I just smiled when the kakak2 or colleagues in school shared their pregnancy experiences with their husbands. For examples:

  • shopped for baby stuffs together
  • when they craved for something, the husbands looked high and low for them
  • one kakak told me she didnt have swollen feet because her husband massaged her feet every night
  • when they couldnt sleep at night because the baby was super active, the husbands would rub their bellies to calm the baby
  • the husbands would send them to work when in their 3rd trimester...
and many more la.....Jealous? of the course. I thought I would never experience that but Alhamdulillah, I got to experience all those in the extra days B were here.hehe 

  • I made sure that B and I bought all Baby's stuffs together. even the hanger to hang baby clothes.
  • I seldom have cravings. When B was here, I craved for many things and B tried to find all of them =)
  • My feet started to swell since a week ago and since then, B has never missed massaging them every night before I went to lala land.
  • B was there when I couldnt sleep because Baby was super active kicking. He forced himself to get up and sat on the bed with eyes closed and hands rubbing my back tho I told him to  go back to bed.
  • B sent me to school for 4 days in a row though I was still able to drive on my own. And he made sure he bought breakfast for me every morning.
 It's the little things that make life wonderful. I know B is trying super hard to be here with me and I understand his frustration when he couldnt do anything when heartburn or cramps set in. But he's here and that counts. Even for just few days, not everyday.

I learn to cherish the little time we had together. I am happy. Tho tomorrow B is flying back to Bintulu, he'll be around. Please make dua' for us that B can make it when the contraction starts.hehe I'm grateful to have such a great husband =)

p/s touching pulak la kan malam2 macam ni~

Sabarla hati~

Now that I'm 8 months pregnant, I notice that I am less emotional or is it because B is still in town?hahah

B is going back to Bintulu tomorrow. He'll come back for another 4 days next week then we'll see each other again for Raya or if the baby decides to pop early. I know it's going to be hard without him around especially at this stage where my movements are limited. But what can we do? It's written.

People are worried about me because I still drive to work at wee hours in the morning. Living 45 mins away from school plus the endless traffic in Melaka add to the basket. again, what can I do? You can preach me with all the risks driving alone at this stage but do i look like i have a choice here?

Haish Rindu ngan ayfa *tetiba*

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What to expect when you are expecting

B and I watched this movie this before we were pregnant. And today we watched it again, only this time we ARE pregnant.

Only this time, we could relate ehem...dunno about B, but I can relate to most of the incidents in the movie. And among all the mother characters, I think I could relate the most to Wendy. But not as bad as her though.haha

Now nearing towards the end of the journey, I'm feeling anxious about the uncertainty. Everytime I imagine being in the moment of delivery, be it normal or Caesar, it made me feel scared. Honestly scared. But of course, I trust everything in God's hand just you know, first time mom...heheh Siap dah tinggal wasiat ngn B lagi in case......huhu

Ok la, toodles!

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