Tuesday, July 16, 2013


At 34th weeks of pregnancy, everytime colleagues, friends, family asked me 'Hey how do you feel today?' my answer would always be short and precise.


followed by a quick smile.


Never thought carrying yourself could be this heavy. At 68kg (my pre-pregnancy weight was 45-46kg) my mobility has definitely become very limited.

I still drive myself to work at 6.10am every morning though Abah has offered her chauffeuring service. I decline because I know I'm still well to drive. I love going to work. I just dont feel like entering class and teaching. So many heartaches went on when you enter class.

First because the boys would stare at my belly or maybe breasts too. 
Then they would whisper to each other and sometimes followed by giggles.
When I asked them to do work, a few would challenge me, partly because they knew there's nothing much I could do. Before I was pregnant, I would smack them. Now I just stood and gave them deadly stares.

Too much psychological stuffs going on when I entered class. At this stage, all I want to do is worried about myself, not how the students are doing.

But Alhamdulillah, despite all the challenges, I managed to finish all the syllabus. I'm really grateful to be given time and strength and oh dont forget patience too to make sure my Form 3 boys read the literature novel and finish their grammar syllabus. Muehehehehe At least when I go for my leave, the substitute teacher can focus on drilling to prepare them for PMR. Thank you Allah for the ease of journey.

I'm counting days to Raya school holidays because I'm applying for early maternity leave. My expected due date would be on 27th August. Raya holidays will be from 7-18 August. I dont think I wanna spend another one week before my due in school. Who knows Baby A wanna pop early right? Plus, based on my calculations, if I take 3 months maternity leave, my hols will be all the way till year-end school holiday in November. Approximately, I will have at least 5 months maternity leave. Naisssssssssssssss =)))) I hope rezeki will be on our side so that Baby and I can spend at least 2 months in Bintulu. Still doing house hunting at the moment.

Another thing to add to my blessing basket is so far I've managed to fulfil my fasting duty. I tot I would not make it or having problems fasting due to low HB but Alhamdulillah, God eased the way and I'm managed to fast for 7 days so far. I hope to fast for 30 days this year. Pray for me okey?

Sedapnya kalau dapat makan ni.hehe Maybe after confinement. Can B??? =p
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