Friday, July 19, 2013

Kicking Mommy

Baby A definitely kicks more these days. Sometimes the kicks caused a lil bit of pain but mommy dont mind. I'm just happy that he's kicking.hehe As long as you are happy and healthy lil munckin!!

The other day I went for another check-up at Putra Specialist. My baby weight currently is estimated at 2.7kg @.@. Doc said he could grow up to 3.5kg by the time of delivery. For a small petite mommy like me, she's kinda worried. So in 3 weeks I have to come back coz she wants to check my 'way out'. Whether I'm capable of delivering the baby normally. InsyaAllah. I popped out of my mom at 3.55kg, so InsyaAllah I can.hehe

I miss B. I miss B. =(
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