Wednesday, July 10, 2013

First day of Fasting

At 8 months of being pregnant, first day of fasting was definitely a huge challenge for me. Just like a little girl learning how to fast, my eyes kept looking at the clock ticking, waiting for the maghrib adzan. haha My doctor said if you are pregnant, 6 months or less, fasting shouldnt be a problem. But if you have passed the stage, it's going to be a challenge.

It was for me indeed. But! I didnt feel hungry at all. Just nauseous, terrible headache and sometimes dizzy. I spent most of the time lying down praying I'd survive the day.hahahahahah

Alhamdulillah, Allah granted the strength and baby was very cooperative. No heartburn, no gastric. Wee huuuuu!!

For iftar, unlike usual, I took the food, chewed slowly. Drank warm tea instead of iced drinks. Dont wanna shock my system. But still, I feel dizzy right now. I guess the fluid in my body is adjusting . I feel very tired too. Even to lift a limb. Hopefully this will go away tomorrow.

Thank you Melaka for giving us a day off today. Just wondering how would my body adjusts to walking around, climbing stairs under hot sun tomorrow. Pray for me =))

Mom made roti jala for iftar. But this is not the real picture.I just hate to post without at least one picture.hehe

Lesgo to DAY 2!
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