Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What to expect when you are expecting

B and I watched this movie this before we were pregnant. And today we watched it again, only this time we ARE pregnant.

Only this time, we could relate ehem...dunno about B, but I can relate to most of the incidents in the movie. And among all the mother characters, I think I could relate the most to Wendy. But not as bad as her though.haha

Now nearing towards the end of the journey, I'm feeling anxious about the uncertainty. Everytime I imagine being in the moment of delivery, be it normal or Caesar, it made me feel scared. Honestly scared. But of course, I trust everything in God's hand just you know, first time mom...heheh Siap dah tinggal wasiat ngn B lagi in case......huhu

Ok la, toodles!

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