Friday, July 26, 2013

One More Week

Today, my school clerk passed me this letter.

It's getting real people! I'm going to deliver a baby!!!! aaaaaaaaa

I opt for 90 days maternity leave. Because I plan to stay in Bintulu from October to December with B. If I take only 2 months, 3 weeks before Nov school holiday I would have to come back.hehe the leave will start after raya holidays. my 90th day would be on the first day of November school holiday. Pandai tak ai plan?muehehehe

For those who didnt know, all government servants (female onleyhhhh) are granted 300days paid maternity leave. I'm using 90 days for my first baby. If I plan to have let say 5 babies, I would have to take unpaid leave for the remaining 2 and half babies. hehehehe

I'm lucky that I will have extra 2 weeks leave due to Raya holidays. Great planning? hehehehehe

Next week will be my final week of working for 2013. I feel great. Colleagues also have started giving advices, tips, food, wish me good luck. I feel loved. What could be a better working place right?

 Two of colleagues who went for Umrah gave me this. Mom oso bought some when she was there. The fact that my colleagues remember me when they were there is just... MasyaAllah. Thank you Allah for all the great people around me =)

But erm...still donno how to use this. Mom oso donno. Would have to google it.
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