Monday, July 15, 2013

Rocking Chair

Now that I'm hitting 8 months, comfort has definitely left me for good. I couldnt sleep at night, walking felt like stepping on thousand nails, even sitting felt like somebody was twisting my abdomen... basically, comfort no more for mommy. I think B was tired or maybe worried about me that he bought me, a rocking chair.

It happened last Saturday when he was in town. Mom wanted a new set of dining table for raya. I insisted of going with her because staying at home doing nothing in fasting month made me even more tired. So B had to go to ensure his whale-wife's safety.miahahaha

So mom, my 2 brothers, B and I packed in a car and off we went. We toured around Melaka, surveyed 6 furniture stores and at the 6th shop Mom finally found the one that she wanted. I was already exhausted by that time. and the day was super hot too. While waiting for Mom to settle the errand, I sat on a rocking chair that was on display there. and started mumbling how comfortable it was et cetera et cetera. 

I think, B missed hearing me saying the word 'comfortable' ahahahahaha so he quickly suggested 'Let's buy it!'. Of course I turned down the idea coz well....I dont really think we need it. B insisted. Plus the Pakistani guy saw an opening to seduce him to buy....haish....

Cut story short, deposit paid, the next day the chair arrived with Mom's dining table.

B was given the honor to model the chair.hahaha actually I forced him to.mueheheheh Thank you hubby for trying to give the world to me. I love you much much. ok geli den =p

My mom's comfy couch can never fulfill my changing body but the rocking chair can. Hopefully it can last till I deliver because i kid you not, even sitting has become a chore. I can use the rocking to rock my baby to sleep too...tee hee hee

Love your mom peeps. Pregnancy aint easy. I learnt it the hard way =)
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