Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby stuffs again

Last Saturday I put down deposit for Baby A's first ride. hehe I went to Yong Fong  just to survey the price. They offered the best price we could get so without hesitation,  I put down some deposit. This month's budget was spent on breastpump so I told them I kehhhnotttt get the stroller this month. Then they said I could put some deposit and pay the remaining when I want to collect the ride.

We have been aiming this particular model for few months already. It's lightweight, easy to assemble and easy to maneuver as well. If i really follow my napsu I'd have gotten Quinny(it looks so masculine) but I have few big mirrors at home and know where I stand. hehe So Baby A's first ride insyaAllah will be:


 Well the advert definitely exaggerates.haha

It comes in 3 colours - Orange, Black and Purple. Really want the purple one but Baby A is a boy. So the fierce orange it is =)

B and I have done our survey from the internet to look for reviews. It fits our criteria. We have tried it at some baby shops and love how easy to maneuver and to assemble disassemble. And it's ultra light! Only 4.6 kg! We kinda agreed on this since a month

I will get this ride next month. It's in the budget. Actually B and I dont really think a stroller is that urgent since my Sis-in-law has passed down Ayfa's baby carrier to us but we have plans to travel a lot to and fro Sarawak till end of the year so I think having a stroller is crucial too. We have many weddings coming up in Sarawak and Semenanjung. And we will definitely go back and forth Sibu and Miri to see the relatives. Hope we make the right decision.

Baby A, please behave and like your first ride ok! If you refuse to sit in it, Mommy's gonna cry T__T

I think all the important stuffs for the Baby is ready. It's the waiting game now. Dup dap dup dap....
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