Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week34

Week 34 now....*yawn*

No one to help me take picture. Self-taken belly picture.muehehehe

How far along? 34 weeks and 5 days!! Alhamdulillah =) 37 days to go. Yikesssss!!~~
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a cantaloupe (no idea what it was..haha) Baby's weight around 2.7kg already.
Weight gain? After one week of fasting, I lost 4 kg. wehuuuu! Luckily, Baby continues to gain.hehe Now mommy is 64kg. *grin*
Belly condition? Stripes everywhere. In fact they have started to appear on butt, thighs, waist, breasts and calves. Nice huh?
Energy level? Very low
Sleep? I cried every night cause I kehhhnotttt sleep. How's that?
Maternity clothes? Symptoms? swollen feet
Comfort level? I can fight with myself to find any comfortable position to sit, sleep and stand.
Cravings? Ikea meatballs, Subway
Best moment of the week? Saw Baby smiling during monthly scan.muehehehe

What I miss the most? Sleep....sleep....sleep...
What I look forward to? Aaaa...i want to say delivery day but I'm scared.hoho
Weekly Wisdom? Allah will provide. InsyaAllah =)

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