Monday, July 8, 2013


I hate it when some people made me feel like I'm not doing enough to ensure my baby's growth. As if they were Gods, as if they were my doctors, as if they were me =( Sometimes they made me feel like I'm the worst mother in the world. Just because I dont drink milk. So to make myself feel better, here are the things I consume to substitute Anmum or Enfamama.


1. Iberet Folic
Normal low HB people eat this once a day. But following my Doc's instruction, I take this twice a day because I'm not normal HB, I'm pregnant low HB.haha a box costs RM28 and I need at least 2 boxes per month. This pill contains acid folic, calcium, vitamin B so I no need to take those given by the Klinik Kesihatan.

2. Pomegranate Juice
At the beginning of my pregnancy, I couldnt swallow this. But towards the end now, it's my daily supplement. I've been taking this wayyyy before I was pregnant. My MIL bought it for me since I married her son.hehehe But this juice gives me heartburn, every single time.

3. Goat's milk
I dont drink this everyday. Coz it's expensive. hahaha ok la...not because of that but the milk gives me super headache. Drink this once or twice a week or depending how many times I go to Jusco in a week.

4. Kurma and Kismis
Mom went for Umrah in March. She brought back sooooo many dates and raisins, for me. I eat raisins just like eating rice sometimes. But again, I dont take these two everyday. Depending on mood.

5. Watermelon
I eat this everyday. I could finish one whole watermelon in a single seating.heheh I make sure I have watermelon everyday. Sometimes Mom would buy it for me. If I ran out of stock, mak buyong akan gigih kluar mencari. Our body is heaty, watermelon works like an airconditioner inside.hihi

Now that I've listed all those, I feel better. I AM doing something for my baby. InsyaAllah it will grow healthily. =) I'm planning to add coconut drink into daily supplement but too lazy to stop by the road side to buy.hmmm
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