Tuesday, July 23, 2013

True Meaning of Craving

Since this journey started, I have had few things that I craved for. Some that I could get some still pending till this day. I dont let myself be too indulge in wanting something like if I want it  I want it. But more to 'kalau ada, adalah' kinda. That helps to keep the stress of not getting you want away. Plus with husband is away most of the time, one can you do?haha Like craving for Ikea meatball. if I really really psycho about it, I would have driven myself up to Damansara =)

Anyhoo, one of the things I craved for was this kerepek bawang. or some call it kerepek telinga. I've been searching for this since January. This kerepek usually appears around raya. Told my colleague last week and voila, yesterday (Monday) she handed me a packet she got from Batu Pahat. Rezeki yo!

And the whole day yesterday I was so giddy and excited waiting for Maghrib because of this! Just took a small portion of mee goreng, a glass of water and later gobbled em up!! Even I was surprised with myself to have that kind of reaction to kerepek.hahahaha Even for sahur this morning, I ate more than my rice. Boleh gitu? 

All is going to end up in my belly soon. Whatevs, I feel super satisfied. Is this love? eh is this what people call craving? =)
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