Friday, July 30, 2010

met my souls~

On Wednesday, my former housemates and I met for the 1st time after practicum. it really made my day. the minutes they entered my car (i picked them from the hostels) we couldnt stop talking or laughing. the feeling was like when we were in Jasin.

Ikha, Iela, Kak Lun (Iela's room mate) and I headed to Alamanda. I wanted to belanja them since i got A for my Spanish subject.Alhamdulillah i got what i wanted and they deserved what i've promised.

At first we wanted to eat at Penang Village. But unfortunately, at the moment that place dont have a set promotion then we cancelled and decided to go to Pizza Hut instead. I never eat at Penang Village but the ala carte food is really really expensive. So these girls had pity on me and they switched the venue to Pizza hut.hehe thanks korang for being really understanding.

We ordered a set for 4 person and ate to our hearts content.we chatted, we teased, we laughed, we scolded each other.ahh...i miss those time. the only thing we didnt do was screaming. Back in our rented house in Jasin. we always screamed! even nak poop pon jerit satu rumah..hahah

enjoy the pics~ oh tapi semua pose gedik..hehe

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still on jiwang mode~

it's been days B left. but I still feel the emptiness in me. I have no mood. I don't talk that much. i feel bored easily. i have no progress on my academic writing and i ignore everybody except my room mate. this is bad. really bad.

i don't know until when this will continue. i hope not too long. B has started working part time as the pump attendant in Sibu. He works 8 hours a day. we seldom sending text or call anymore. I am okay with the fact that he's doing something right now but it leaves me alone and bored. that's why.

thank you blog for letting me conteng on you. this is just a confession of a bored girl.hehe

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

touching mode~

*jiwang mode..scroll down if you really want to puke or else, leave*

it's been a day ++ since B went back to Sibu. At first i didn't feel anything. at the airport, i sent him till my eyes couldn't see him anymore.*meaning sampai departure hall la*.. I didn't cry. i felt sad definitely but no tears. I drove back alone. Still no tears though both of us are not sure when we'll meet again. Someday indeed but do not know when.

And this morning when i woke up, i feel kinda blues..worst than Monday's sucks. i miss his presence. i miss his voice - not through phone though because it's a lil bit different if you listen to it live. why am i bothering to explain? haish..

at the airport, i was listening to B's MP3. i jokingly said i want to borrow it. Then he said " Just take it, i'll get a new one"..touching aku ok...He simply gave me his MP3 cause i know him well that he needs his MP3 all the time.

so this morning i was listening to the songs in the mp3. i dont know most of the songs but the lyrics stabbed through my heart. gtew kan...

"maafkan aku kerana tidak disampingmu bila kau rindukan aku"

huwaa.....and now see them? tears! dammit!

p/s hopefully this blues will end soon~
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i survived the KL jungle !!

on Sunday, B and I had this impromptu journey around KL. It started with a planned plan which was to go to The Curve. We had no GPS and the internet server at the hostel was not available for me to use Google Map to search for the route.So, based on zero knowledge, i confidently drove my mum's car there. Nervous? of course! i always have this mental picture of KL being a jungle that's not easy to go through.

this picture was taken when i was busy talking about dont-know-what thus the not so sexy pouting look..hooh

so we started the journey from Bangi. It was around 10 am. the traffic was clear. the only way i know to go to Damansara is by going to Subang 1st. so i used that road though i saw many signs indicating ways to Damansara. Being a cheapskate i am, i dont want to pay for toll..miahaha..elaun baru je masuk kan..takkan nak habiskan semua just for toll and fuel. not cool =)

the traffic was clear =)

so back to my story, we safely arrived at The Curve. walked around the area, had a Subway (yummeh) then headed to IKEA. IKEA is on SALE right now hence the ants amount of people there. B and I surveyed the area and bought few stuffs to bring back. I bought a new wall clock (RM3.90), kitchen utensils for RM3 only and washcloth for RM1.65. B bought a stool box with 15 pieces of tools worth RM18.90 for his dad.

beli benda macam ni pon sampai IKEA ke?haha

pretty small la takkan emos beli sofa pulak.. btw...guess who we met???
  this boy!

the handsome boy, Adam..but he was sick, not active hence the tired look..=(
*ignore the murderous-look makcik behind*

apparently my brother and sis-in-law planned to have lunch in IKEA that day so we met for a while. ok..i was damn nervous to bring B to meet my bro. but everybody seemed ok. Alhamdulillah...hehe this was the 1st time i brought B to meet my family.

then i asked Kak Maz where to get head scarf like she was wearing. B's mum wants the scarf like that so Kak Maz said to go and search at Sek 7 Shah Alam. Boy that was a mistake to go there. we literally searched the area high to low searching for Pak Ali Kopitiam. but nowhere to be seen. then as hungry as a shark i was, we went to Plaza Masalam to have lunch. there were many shops selling tudung. after lunch at pizza hut, we went to survey the tudungs. Unfortunately, although the price is bearable, the quality is not good.

we were both tired and frustrated. Then, i blurted out this:

Let's go to Jalan TAR!!

then off we went. The problem was i didnt know how to go back to KL from Damansara. we went into Penchala Link highway or something like that. we were worried but at the end of the road when we saw Nirvana Memorial Park..yehu..we're in PJ baby!

eh no..that was when we wanted to go back to Shah Alam from Damansara. i went out from the parking area in IKEA through the wrong exit masuk Penchala Link. sesat after Shah Alam, i determined..cewah to park my car at KL Sentral and take the train to Jalan TAR. It was already 5pm and the  day had no pity on us as it was raining really really heavy. i even tot we might get trapped in the banjir if it continued raining.hehe

so we headed to KL Sentral by just following the signs. we arrived safely! yihuu.walaupun dah pusing ntah mana2..oh before that, while searching for the right way, i sesat almost everytime..salah masuk junction, salah ikut highway..memang challenging.

to cut story mory short, we manged to get the tudung his mum wanted. and also i found that Viscose cloth is much much much much cheaper than the one in well-known gedung kain. 2 for RM50. one for RM60 in Jakel..hehe

2 for RM50..too many patterns since it was getting late, i randomly picked any pattern for my mum and i..hehe

k la..that 's all kot. bukannya ada orang bace pong..

The survivors! =)
Monday, July 26, 2010


i am so happy.

but i'll keep it to myself till the right time.hee
Thursday, July 22, 2010


watched the tv with mak just now and suddenly she blurted out these:

Mak: Nurul , ko nak bawak keta ni nak amik Saiful eh?

Nurul: terbebek!!!!

i didnt know how but i just have to tell her everything. Yes. Saiful is coming this weekend and i need the car to cut the cost of renting a car.haha My mum seems ok with it. i tot she will go against the idea of 'dating' since she made it clear that no dating. but after 5 years, she relented.hehehehe sayang mak. and her words buat aku touching ok.

'Mak percaya korang' - simple but meaningful.

i am super happy!!!

Alhamdulillah, for the 1st time in 6 years, both of our parents know that we are meeting each other. no more lies. no more dosa kering. no more jumpa curi2. no more the anxious feeling. hee

Semoga jodoh kami dipertemukan..aminn...cewahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

p/s Saiful and I are going to meet after almost a year we did not see each other. He's coming from Sibu on Saturday morning. Yeah, for those who's wondering, he is a Sarawakian. Thank you..
Wednesday, July 21, 2010

statement of guilt~

i am starving. a lil bit stress searching for the right thesis topic. and feeling guilty.

a good mix adequate to make an emo Nurul tonight.

what ever i do, i always have this attitude to consider everything or everyone. meaning what will the response from the people around me if i do such and such. ALWAYS been like that.because i believe we dont live alone. we live together. but...because of this, many hearts will be broken.

example, if i make one decision, it might be agreed by A and B. But probably not C. then, C's heart will be broken by ME!.

or if i choose to satisfy C, A and B will hate me. then, WHAT ABOUT ME?

this is the truth that i hate to face everyday. really. why cant just once, JUST ONCE let me choose anything i want to do. not always. but give me some space. Everyone around me is significant. but can this one time the person that will be the most significant in my life is myself?

i am hitting around the bush. because i dont want to hurt anybody.i am torn between 2 parties. please. please. please.

currently i've hurt both parties. i think. i know. some have dropped hints. some have painfully lashing me with words. ok. i got u.

but this time i will protect my heart. be angry at me as you wish. because i cannot take it anymore..
Tuesday, July 20, 2010

waiting for the unknown...

i have waited for years. and i can feel that the time is approaching. but although it's coming, it is still blur and unknown. it's like the worst feeling you can ever feel. you know it's there but you are not sure where. hate this!

i feel like a drop of water at the end of the faucet waiting for the gravity to pull me down. years of waiting can be metaphorically explained by visualizing that i am this heavy drop of water. seems like i am going to fall soon but do not know when. aigoo..

pic source:google image

i can still wait but i want a secure answer. WHEN?

am i being too dramatic?
Monday, July 19, 2010

akhlak murid 13 tahun

one of my ex-student texted my on the phone. we talked a lot of stuffs.normal topic till suddenly she asked about  boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. FYI, she's 13 years old and the boyfriend is 20 years old.

what would you do when your student or a 13 year old girl told you this:

"Saya tak penah kena kiss tp waktu saya dating bulan lepas ngan dia kat library jasin, dia kiss saya 3kali, 2 kali kat pipi sekali kat mulut. Best kan kena kiss?"

i was speechless and paused for a while. how am i suppose to react to that?

ok some people say it's normal la kissing2 ni. but where this simple little kiss leads to?? and the boy is 20 years old. what any boy that age wants from a 13 year old girl?

i tried my very best to advice her what's the consequence but she seems to ignore it.ouch!
Sunday, July 18, 2010

fragile heart~

everyone wants to claim that they have a fragile heart. can i claim that i am too? i do not like it when people started lashing me with sarcastic words when i am unaware of anything. just be bold can you?

tired and fed up~
Saturday, July 17, 2010

s'all dead!

it's the hot season + the fruit season. not only human is celebrating it but them.but have no choice to eliminate them!!

sticker trap bought at kedai amoi lendu.

the flies tried to escape..

but to no avail...good bye....







teacher loves you too~

has been a week since the practicum's over. This morning i went through all the pictures i took since the journey began. suddenly, while i was browsing through the folders (ya folders..sgt banyak) i found this picture. i took this on the last day of my teaching training. (i was that rajin still gave exercise though it was my last day...haha)

click for larger view =)

Teacher Nurul always teach me English that why i love her very much but her will live me, so sad!

awwwww.............. this is so touching. wanna know why?
because she was the first student that i scolded, meaning really really scolded her during my first week of training. Biasala..beginner kan, so my patient level pon tahap beginner..why? she refused to listen, disturbed her friends, and being 'gedik' while i was teaching. I lost it when i called out her name (so loud okey) and scolded her in the class. So the whole class could hear it.

if Dr Mary was there, i guarantee i will get E for my edu psychology for 3 weeks or more she was on the sulking mode.she just ignored me, didnt look at my face and when i walked towards her she shifted her place..bla bla bla..i tried to pujuk her..try to have private talk but all failed...(sad music playing).

so i changed my strategy. played more games in the class. called out her name often. hey, i didnt ignore other students at the 5th week, she seemed fine already.

oh ya i forgot, she gave me a pressie for Teacher's Day. it's a box that when you pull the cover there's a plastic lizard pulled out together...nang ciss...sorry no picture coz i've thrown away the lizard.but i still keep the box.hee

Like many of my friends, i miss my students very much. but i am praying that i will not return to the school ever. =)

Friday, July 16, 2010


Alhamdulillah, negara ku maju. InsyaALLAH dengan kenaikan minyak dan gula, negara tanah tumpah air tercinta ini tidak akan bankrap. ape2 la..

Last night our PM or the government announced the increase of petrol and sugar price. he said 'PENYELARASAN' harga can help to save RM750 mil. He also claimed that we still maintain the lowest price of petrol compared to other countries.

Berikut adalah harga baru:
  • Petrol RON 95 - RM1.85 seliter.
  • Diesel - RM1.75 seliter.
  • Gula - RM1.70 sekilogram
  • Gas LPG - RM1.85 sekilogram
Berikut adalah harga baru gas:
  • Tong 14KG - dari RM24.50 kepada RM25.90 (naik RM1.40)
  • Tong 12KG - dari RM21.00 kepada RM22.20 (naik RM1.20)
  • Tong 10KG - dari RM17.50 kepada RM18.50 (naik RM1.00)

So i digged out the newspapers, blogs, forums to see how the rakyat responded to this. Some agreed, some against, some just 'redha'. me? i dont know. but that's not my point.

if you read the newspapers today, primarily the gov-funded ones, you are going to puke. at least for me.but one particular statement caught my eyes.

kerajaan perlu mengurangkan subsidi bagi menjimatkan perbelanjaan serta mengurangkan defisit fiskal supaya kekuatan ekonomi negara lebih diyakini oleh pasaran dunia dan dalaman.


Menjimatkan perbelanjaan?
- what's with the new istana projek that eats millions of money? - kan dah ader istana cantekkk punya.apsal buat baru? - (lepas ni ada la kutuk aku tak menghormati kedaulatan bla bla bla)
-new parliament?
- pocket money for wifey to go shopping?

the increased of petrol price will affect everything. EVERYTHING! just yesterday i bought 2 pieces of chicken and a costs me rm8. but i am sure it will be rm10 if i buy it today.mahal nak mampus. if your income is 10K per month, this is like piece-of-chillies- stuck -between- your- teeth issue. if below than that, it's a nightmare. 

i am not into politic. but the political issues nowadays scare the hell out of me. i might be the new generation, the younger generation, but i am not an inch interested with politics. i love the Japanese government. Once the ministry made mistakes, they resign. unlike shameless malaysian politician. makin byk salah, makin banyak cakap, makin banyak duit habis.dah la...

p/s this is my 1/2 cents.
p/p/s pretty sure the pilihan raya is approaching.
p/p/p/s belum daftar sbg pengundi..haha
Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why am i not ready yet?

again, still at home. this self-proclaim holiday has given me much much err....(thinking of bombastic words..)..happiness? well sort of. though deep inside really really deep if you dig my heart, i feel a lil bit guilty for not going to classes.hee few people have been asking including my Mak. so for once for all, i hope i wont be repeating these reasons (or more like alasan) for not going to UKM just yet.

  • i have athlete foot. dont know what's that? go google. been having this for almost a week now and i still dont know where and why i got this. dayymmm...makes it hard to walk.haish..
  • durian season has just started. who would want to miss the season? been wasting it for the past 14 years and aint gonna let it go just like that baby! Durian in Sarawak is soo have sebiji durian all by yourself is considered rich already. at least in my childhood world.
  • the most important reason, no money. i have no skin left on my face to be begging money from my parents. if you are that type, that's you. and i hate it when people say 'Mak kau kan kaya'..banyakla kaya. aku still rasa malu nak mintak duit hokay!
  • honestly, i have nothing to look forward to in UKM. hee
the new car is coming.maybe the day after tomorrow. cant wait!hee

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rough patch

today was a nightmare. you see, i had this craving of Mi Goreng Kungfu since yesterday. so i gotta have it today. but my brother refused to buy it for me which brought the big dark cloud over my head for the whole day.

the expecting arrival of Miss Red added to the turbulence in the dark cloud. Raging hormones, fatigue and the effect of pills made my body condition worst.

shortly, we - Mr S and I had one of the biggest fight since 6 months ago--err..i think. hence the shouting, the crying, the long silent and other stupid acts like teenagers did.

I really thought that i was behaving like my students..haha so tonight, i called him. apologized, he apologized. ok settle. today, we fought for 6 hours, usual length is around 2 hours. kira lama la gak..miahahah

so, was going to sleep when my phone beeped. it was a message from him.

love u syg,,love u all my heart

i replied


k..dah..this is for you my readers *handing over barf bag*...haha

k muntah...

p/s bukan salu cikgu ain jiwang..hahahahhaha
Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ngok ngek

i am so bored at home that i can play with Mok. she's the new mom! welcome to mother hood! well, she's our cat anyway..hahah

i am not a fan of cats. but i do love their cuteness.i can play with FAT cats because i know they would be lazy to play with me and their claws will be safely kept in their furry feet?paws? whatever. many people i know love naughty cats.the ones that run to get you. i hate that type of cat. well, i dont like to be surprised. i have a friend who's cat cannot see toes. You know toes? once he sees it, habisla..ko gi mana2 pon kejar.haish..

k i am bored.but to go back to ukm, nah! double the feeling. with no money in the purse, baik dok umah.haha
k dah la..mengarut..
Sunday, July 11, 2010

habis dah!

well, i am at home. Safely arrived from Shah Alam. Went to Umar's house after 'checked in' into my hostel room. Not feeling the excitement to start the new sem hence the self-proclaim one week holiday.hehe

my practicum went well. Of course faced some problems but we made it. I have started to miss my housemates already. they bring out the other side of me that i never knew i have.Ila and Ikha, thank you so much!

A cliche, thanks to the school SMK Datuk Bendahara Jasin. You taught me lessons that i dont think i could learn from other places. to my students, teachers, Guard, gardener, pakcik and makcik canteen. semuala..terima kasih kerana menerima diriku seadanya.i have tonnes of pictures to upload. but am lazy. my students have started contacting me through phone and facebook. malasnyer nak layan. *tetiba menyesal bagi info* well..

 ya ya..i know i am small..

i have another good news. MANAGED TO LOSE 3.5 KGS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!
i can now fit into my 'S' jeans,,yihaaaaaaaaaaaa! thank you Jasin!
k dah diam!
Monday, July 5, 2010

I am drained

i think i'll stop writing. haish~
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