Friday, July 16, 2010


Alhamdulillah, negara ku maju. InsyaALLAH dengan kenaikan minyak dan gula, negara tanah tumpah air tercinta ini tidak akan bankrap. ape2 la..

Last night our PM or the government announced the increase of petrol and sugar price. he said 'PENYELARASAN' harga can help to save RM750 mil. He also claimed that we still maintain the lowest price of petrol compared to other countries.

Berikut adalah harga baru:
  • Petrol RON 95 - RM1.85 seliter.
  • Diesel - RM1.75 seliter.
  • Gula - RM1.70 sekilogram
  • Gas LPG - RM1.85 sekilogram
Berikut adalah harga baru gas:
  • Tong 14KG - dari RM24.50 kepada RM25.90 (naik RM1.40)
  • Tong 12KG - dari RM21.00 kepada RM22.20 (naik RM1.20)
  • Tong 10KG - dari RM17.50 kepada RM18.50 (naik RM1.00)

So i digged out the newspapers, blogs, forums to see how the rakyat responded to this. Some agreed, some against, some just 'redha'. me? i dont know. but that's not my point.

if you read the newspapers today, primarily the gov-funded ones, you are going to puke. at least for me.but one particular statement caught my eyes.

kerajaan perlu mengurangkan subsidi bagi menjimatkan perbelanjaan serta mengurangkan defisit fiskal supaya kekuatan ekonomi negara lebih diyakini oleh pasaran dunia dan dalaman.


Menjimatkan perbelanjaan?
- what's with the new istana projek that eats millions of money? - kan dah ader istana cantekkk punya.apsal buat baru? - (lepas ni ada la kutuk aku tak menghormati kedaulatan bla bla bla)
-new parliament?
- pocket money for wifey to go shopping?

the increased of petrol price will affect everything. EVERYTHING! just yesterday i bought 2 pieces of chicken and a costs me rm8. but i am sure it will be rm10 if i buy it today.mahal nak mampus. if your income is 10K per month, this is like piece-of-chillies- stuck -between- your- teeth issue. if below than that, it's a nightmare. 

i am not into politic. but the political issues nowadays scare the hell out of me. i might be the new generation, the younger generation, but i am not an inch interested with politics. i love the Japanese government. Once the ministry made mistakes, they resign. unlike shameless malaysian politician. makin byk salah, makin banyak cakap, makin banyak duit habis.dah la...

p/s this is my 1/2 cents.
p/p/s pretty sure the pilihan raya is approaching.
p/p/p/s belum daftar sbg pengundi..haha


Miss Annaz said...

klu kita mengeluh..
org susah ddk kat kampung tu lg risau..

nurul razak said...

saya dok kg ler..hee
saya tak mengeluh minyak naik..saya tak mengeluh kalau dapat tolong duit tu ke mana?

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