Wednesday, July 14, 2010

rough patch

today was a nightmare. you see, i had this craving of Mi Goreng Kungfu since yesterday. so i gotta have it today. but my brother refused to buy it for me which brought the big dark cloud over my head for the whole day.

the expecting arrival of Miss Red added to the turbulence in the dark cloud. Raging hormones, fatigue and the effect of pills made my body condition worst.

shortly, we - Mr S and I had one of the biggest fight since 6 months ago--err..i think. hence the shouting, the crying, the long silent and other stupid acts like teenagers did.

I really thought that i was behaving like my students..haha so tonight, i called him. apologized, he apologized. ok settle. today, we fought for 6 hours, usual length is around 2 hours. kira lama la gak..miahahah

so, was going to sleep when my phone beeped. it was a message from him.

love u syg,,love u all my heart

i replied


k..dah..this is for you my readers *handing over barf bag*...haha

k muntah...

p/s bukan salu cikgu ain jiwang..hahahahhaha


eencyweency said...

isk kak nurul..lame x jumpe!!!skrg kat kajai ke mengajar dah?

sword said...

malu ehh..hehe

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