Wednesday, July 28, 2010

touching mode~

*jiwang mode..scroll down if you really want to puke or else, leave*

it's been a day ++ since B went back to Sibu. At first i didn't feel anything. at the airport, i sent him till my eyes couldn't see him anymore.*meaning sampai departure hall la*.. I didn't cry. i felt sad definitely but no tears. I drove back alone. Still no tears though both of us are not sure when we'll meet again. Someday indeed but do not know when.

And this morning when i woke up, i feel kinda blues..worst than Monday's sucks. i miss his presence. i miss his voice - not through phone though because it's a lil bit different if you listen to it live. why am i bothering to explain? haish..

at the airport, i was listening to B's MP3. i jokingly said i want to borrow it. Then he said " Just take it, i'll get a new one"..touching aku ok...He simply gave me his MP3 cause i know him well that he needs his MP3 all the time.

so this morning i was listening to the songs in the mp3. i dont know most of the songs but the lyrics stabbed through my heart. gtew kan...

"maafkan aku kerana tidak disampingmu bila kau rindukan aku"

huwaa.....and now see them? tears! dammit!

p/s hopefully this blues will end soon~


shatiratibo said...

sdeh juak bah nangis sorg2 lam bilit? boh nangis.. jaik ati ku...

Sue Andy's said...

semoga berkekalan

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