Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i survived the KL jungle !!

on Sunday, B and I had this impromptu journey around KL. It started with a planned plan which was to go to The Curve. We had no GPS and the internet server at the hostel was not available for me to use Google Map to search for the route.So, based on zero knowledge, i confidently drove my mum's car there. Nervous? of course! i always have this mental picture of KL being a jungle that's not easy to go through.

this picture was taken when i was busy talking about dont-know-what thus the not so sexy pouting look..hooh

so we started the journey from Bangi. It was around 10 am. the traffic was clear. the only way i know to go to Damansara is by going to Subang 1st. so i used that road though i saw many signs indicating ways to Damansara. Being a cheapskate i am, i dont want to pay for toll..miahaha..elaun baru je masuk kan..takkan nak habiskan semua just for toll and fuel. not cool =)

the traffic was clear =)

so back to my story, we safely arrived at The Curve. walked around the area, had a Subway (yummeh) then headed to IKEA. IKEA is on SALE right now hence the ants amount of people there. B and I surveyed the area and bought few stuffs to bring back. I bought a new wall clock (RM3.90), kitchen utensils for RM3 only and washcloth for RM1.65. B bought a stool box with 15 pieces of tools worth RM18.90 for his dad.

beli benda macam ni pon sampai IKEA ke?haha

pretty small stuffs..ye la takkan emos beli sofa pulak.. btw...guess who we met???
  this boy!

the handsome boy, Adam..but he was sick, not active hence the tired look..=(
*ignore the murderous-look makcik behind*

apparently my brother and sis-in-law planned to have lunch in IKEA that day so we met for a while. ok..i was damn nervous to bring B to meet my bro. but everybody seemed ok. Alhamdulillah...hehe this was the 1st time i brought B to meet my family.

then i asked Kak Maz where to get head scarf like she was wearing. B's mum wants the scarf like that so Kak Maz said to go and search at Sek 7 Shah Alam. Boy that was a mistake to go there. we literally searched the area high to low searching for Pak Ali Kopitiam. but nowhere to be seen. then as hungry as a shark i was, we went to Plaza Masalam to have lunch. there were many shops selling tudung. after lunch at pizza hut, we went to survey the tudungs. Unfortunately, although the price is bearable, the quality is not good.

we were both tired and frustrated. Then, i blurted out this:

Let's go to Jalan TAR!!

then off we went. The problem was i didnt know how to go back to KL from Damansara. we went into Penchala Link highway or something like that. we were worried but at the end of the road when we saw Nirvana Memorial Park..yehu..we're in PJ baby!

eh wait..no no..that was when we wanted to go back to Shah Alam from Damansara. i went out from the parking area in IKEA through the wrong exit masuk Penchala Link. sesat kejap..so after Shah Alam, i determined..cewah to park my car at KL Sentral and take the train to Jalan TAR. It was already 5pm and the  day had no pity on us as it was raining really really heavy. i even tot we might get trapped in the banjir if it continued raining.hehe

so we headed to KL Sentral by just following the signs. we arrived safely! yihuu.walaupun dah pusing ntah mana2..oh before that, while searching for the right way, i sesat almost everytime..salah masuk junction, salah ikut highway..memang challenging.

to cut story mory short, we manged to get the tudung his mum wanted. and also i found that Viscose cloth is much much much much cheaper than the one in well-known gedung kain. 2 for RM50. one for RM60 in Jakel..hehe

2 for RM50..too many patterns since it was getting late, i randomly picked any pattern for my mum and i..hehe

k la..that 's all kot. bukannya ada orang bace pong..

The survivors! =)


sword said...

best ever journey..hehe

Sue Andy's said...

sapa padah sikda org baca? ngek kawu. wiwittttttt!sepul came temu ehem2 eh

Anonymous said...

sweeeeetttt la u guys...hehe..

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