Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why am i not ready yet?

again, still at home. this self-proclaim holiday has given me much much err....(thinking of bombastic words..)..happiness? well sort of. though deep inside really really deep if you dig my heart, i feel a lil bit guilty for not going to classes.hee few people have been asking including my Mak. so for once for all, i hope i wont be repeating these reasons (or more like alasan) for not going to UKM just yet.

  • i have athlete foot. dont know what's that? go google. been having this for almost a week now and i still dont know where and why i got this. dayymmm...makes it hard to walk.haish..
  • durian season has just started. who would want to miss the season? been wasting it for the past 14 years and aint gonna let it go just like that baby! Durian in Sarawak is soo have sebiji durian all by yourself is considered rich already. at least in my childhood world.
  • the most important reason, no money. i have no skin left on my face to be begging money from my parents. if you are that type, that's you. and i hate it when people say 'Mak kau kan kaya'..banyakla kaya. aku still rasa malu nak mintak duit hokay!
  • honestly, i have nothing to look forward to in UKM. hee
the new car is coming.maybe the day after tomorrow. cant wait!hee


Hapiz Rahman said...

hoho? new car? drive elok2

nurul razak said...

hee not my car. my mum's =)

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