Saturday, July 17, 2010

teacher loves you too~

has been a week since the practicum's over. This morning i went through all the pictures i took since the journey began. suddenly, while i was browsing through the folders (ya folders..sgt banyak) i found this picture. i took this on the last day of my teaching training. (i was that rajin still gave exercise though it was my last day...haha)

click for larger view =)

Teacher Nurul always teach me English that why i love her very much but her will live me, so sad!

awwwww.............. this is so touching. wanna know why?
because she was the first student that i scolded, meaning really really scolded her during my first week of training. Biasala..beginner kan, so my patient level pon tahap beginner..why? she refused to listen, disturbed her friends, and being 'gedik' while i was teaching. I lost it when i called out her name (so loud okey) and scolded her in the class. So the whole class could hear it.

if Dr Mary was there, i guarantee i will get E for my edu psychology for 3 weeks or more she was on the sulking mode.she just ignored me, didnt look at my face and when i walked towards her she shifted her place..bla bla bla..i tried to pujuk her..try to have private talk but all failed...(sad music playing).

so i changed my strategy. played more games in the class. called out her name often. hey, i didnt ignore other students at the 5th week, she seemed fine already.

oh ya i forgot, she gave me a pressie for Teacher's Day. it's a box that when you pull the cover there's a plastic lizard pulled out together...nang ciss...sorry no picture coz i've thrown away the lizard.but i still keep the box.hee

Like many of my friends, i miss my students very much. but i am praying that i will not return to the school ever. =)


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