Thursday, July 22, 2010


watched the tv with mak just now and suddenly she blurted out these:

Mak: Nurul , ko nak bawak keta ni nak amik Saiful eh?

Nurul: terbebek!!!!

i didnt know how but i just have to tell her everything. Yes. Saiful is coming this weekend and i need the car to cut the cost of renting a car.haha My mum seems ok with it. i tot she will go against the idea of 'dating' since she made it clear that no dating. but after 5 years, she relented.hehehehe sayang mak. and her words buat aku touching ok.

'Mak percaya korang' - simple but meaningful.

i am super happy!!!

Alhamdulillah, for the 1st time in 6 years, both of our parents know that we are meeting each other. no more lies. no more dosa kering. no more jumpa curi2. no more the anxious feeling. hee

Semoga jodoh kami dipertemukan..aminn...cewahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

p/s Saiful and I are going to meet after almost a year we did not see each other. He's coming from Sibu on Saturday morning. Yeah, for those who's wondering, he is a Sarawakian. Thank you..


Hariz said...

Amin :p

New Entry Prof-Hariz
Pssst Pssst Malam Jumaat...

suhaida shukor said...

mesti mak jenis strict ni

eencyweency said...

amin..nanti jemput sy k kak nurul!!!

nurul razak said...


Sue Andy's said...

jangan musnahkan kepercayaan ibu mu Kakak Nughol

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