Friday, July 30, 2010

met my souls~

On Wednesday, my former housemates and I met for the 1st time after practicum. it really made my day. the minutes they entered my car (i picked them from the hostels) we couldnt stop talking or laughing. the feeling was like when we were in Jasin.

Ikha, Iela, Kak Lun (Iela's room mate) and I headed to Alamanda. I wanted to belanja them since i got A for my Spanish subject.Alhamdulillah i got what i wanted and they deserved what i've promised.

At first we wanted to eat at Penang Village. But unfortunately, at the moment that place dont have a set promotion then we cancelled and decided to go to Pizza Hut instead. I never eat at Penang Village but the ala carte food is really really expensive. So these girls had pity on me and they switched the venue to Pizza hut.hehe thanks korang for being really understanding.

We ordered a set for 4 person and ate to our hearts content.we chatted, we teased, we laughed, we scolded each other.ahh...i miss those time. the only thing we didnt do was screaming. Back in our rented house in Jasin. we always screamed! even nak poop pon jerit satu rumah..hahah

enjoy the pics~ oh tapi semua pose gedik..hehe


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