Sunday, August 1, 2010

once upon a time at Whisk Bar

Once upon a time, there's a girl who's in a really bad mood. So she asked her friend to go somewhere and off they went. They were unsure where to go in Bangi and suddenly oopppssie!!, there already tapped their Touch N Go card at Sg Besi toll. the grumpy girl drove the car unknown where they were heading to until they found a beautiful palace at the road side of the jammed highway. a white and heyuuugeeee building and seems pretty new. The girl ticked-tocked her car signal and they were out of the highway with a very dangerous degree of curiosity about what's inside that beautiful building.

pic's courtesy of google

they parked their car safely at the carpark. both girls seemed excited - because they were unsure what's waiting inside.the grumpy girl's friend was hungry. so they went to food hunting until they saw a unique bar from was a coffee bar. 

they were attracted by the ambiance of the bar -soothing and relaxing. they entered the bar. they saw many food -some had never met their eyes before.both of them were sakai-ing taking pictures and unsure what to order. Lucky for them, there's a very friendly boy (waiter) who seemed to ignore the girls' sakai-ness. He politely explained to these kampung girls of their specialties and the girls decided to go  for what the boy suggested. Both girls ordered a slice of Red Velvet cake and 10 pieces of macarons with cappuccino.

While waiting for their order, they found a cosy place at the corner of the bar. they sat and chatted. the grumpy girl were much happier at this point. soon later, their cake arrived. the grumpy girl's tongue was happy to taste the cake. it was moist, not too sweet and yummeh! though the cake looked devilish red, it was something extraordinary. she even tot she'll never eat at Secret Recipe again.hoho no la...

then their cappuccino and macarons were served. both girls were curios about macarons. the macarons were colourful and small yet a lit bit expensive. so the girls each took one macaron and stuffed into their mouth. first bite, both girls blurted all the complements, the sweetness, the softness that little things. Second bite, ouch...really really tooo  sweet. Luckily the waiter there suggested Cappuccino as the drink. the bitter taste of the coffee blended really well with the too-sweet macarons.

it comes with different filling - blue for peanut butter and pink for rose. the rest couldn't remember..hee

at the end of the meal, both girls were sugar-rushed! they were giggling, laughing and teasing each other. and not to forget, camwhoring as well =)...they couldn't finish all the macarons so the grumpy girls wrapped them and kept in her handbag hoping they wont get crushed. they are too fragile!

after that, both girls walked around the's a newly opened shopping mall. not many people around. The inter-deco was really new. but not too much and relaxing.

both girls were happy. and wished to return back and eat the red velvet cake.heehe macarons? nah~

the grumpy girl was extremely happy already =))


xazryx said...

hoho .x pegi lg kt sini .

Sue Andy's said...

best eh! maok g juak

eencyweency said...

kat mane ni kak nurul???Mcm best je

nurul razak said...

xazryx: pegi2...makan kat Whisk! xD

sus: hehe ctok sik best tp bar ya jak best..lak ada rezki kmk mbak kitak k..hehe

wawa: kat subang empire mall..kalau ikut federal highway, boleh nampak dari tp tu..and dekat ngn exit highway gak..hehe

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