Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nanti abang mesti sayang~

today was a mother-daugther outing. My mak and I went for Baju raya shopping together.boy it was hard choosing a baju raya. the day was scorching hot and i was damn thirsty. so the 13th baju kurung i saw, that's my baju raya. tak peduli da design..just wanna go home and sleep.hee

but that's not what i want to story mory here. after the outing, Mak wanted to get her hair cut so we decided to go to the saloon in our village. i love this saloon. it's a very very small with one area to cut your hair and another area just beside the one mentioned for hair wash. but i love this even more than Alan Saloon. gives you the homey feeling. and the hair dresser knows my family too! Cucu Haji Mustafa ka? oo yang dudok brunei itu ka? oo yang bapak ada dua bini itu? hehehe cute.

so back to story, mu mom got her hair cut and since my mum was going to pay, i wanted to wash my hair. my mom asked me to trim my hair a little bit but i dowan. sayang~~ so after my mom, it was my turned to get a hair wash. the lady was a chatty. she told my mum that :

auntie: 'Kau tak kerja kan? telinga kau banyak ong!' --> it's common to use kau and aku in my village
(you are not working rite? you have lucky ears!)

my mum: iye ke? mana you tau?
(really?how do you know?)

auntie:kau punya telinga punya bawah ni tebal..kau tak payah risau pasal duit..sentiasa senang..duit sentiasa ada 
(your earlobe here shows that you have a lucky life. no problem with money..always got money)

then of course i compared with mine. i have the same ears like my mum.heheheheheheheheheh

then after the shamppoing session, massaging (ooh i love this part the most) was turn to wash my hair. so i lied on the special chair. when the autie washed the area around my neck and behind my ears,i started to giggle as it was so ticklish...geli2...i couldnt stop myself from laughing.i got goosebumps ok sebab geli...then the auntie told my mum:

auntie: dia ni cepat geli..nanti abang mesti sayang

my mum: hoh?

auntie: ye la kalau geli macam ni abang mesti sayang..

hahaha really? B, do you sayang me?


sword said...

abang memang sangat sayang..hehehe =)

Nurul Razak said...

geli uols pakai abang2 tok..hehe

Sue Andy's said...

>_< ahakssss
aih c tauk mok komen cemni

DauS said...

kurapat weh kurapat! haha

nurul razak said...

suz:hahaha aku pun sik tauk gne//

pdoh:ku-rapat je pon dengan sepul..bukan khurafat..miahahaha

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