Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Every evening the sky cries~

Seems like it's going to rain every evening. The worst thunder storm i ever experienced in my life was last Monday. I went out alone to but meals to break fast. Before that, the weather was fine. though there were thunders everywhere. once i drove on the road, it started pouring heavily. really heavy that i couldnt see any other vehicles except their dimmed red light.

I smsed Ain telling her i was caught in this merciless weather. She asked me to stop somewhere until the rain stops. i thought about that too. i saw many cars parked at the roadside.Despite Ain's urged, i drove back carefully.i couldnt drive more that 40km/h. it was a nightmare for me. i didnt want to stop at the road side because there were trees. i was scared the trees will fall on the car. i just dont want to die alone!

i turned off the radio.i prayed.i istigfar as much as i can. i never prayed so hard in my life. i prayed the lightning will struck other people, other car.just not me.the 10 minutes journey became almost half an hour. but i survived. alhamdulillah.

it was scary alright. can u imagine, you are out there driving alone where you could almost see nothing except 1 meter parameter around your car, the thunders were crazy, there lightning was too much as if God is playing  Paparazzi with you. and you were ALONE. i knew that time i dont want to be alone. at least if i die, or struck by lightning, i would be in UKM, near friends or near people who know me.

and yesterday, it seemed like it was raining like a bucket.i took pictures of the heavily pregnant komulonimbus clouds.

it was raining. but nothing like what on Monday.bagusnyer...

K people.i should be editing my Chapter1 of my mini thesis. Bye! Have a good day.

Happy 8th Ramadhan!


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