Monday, August 9, 2010

i've learnt bits from here and there~

Howdy everybody!

I've been busy or caught up with my boring life since few days ago and hence no updates. But i used some times which i stole few seconds from all the boring routines i did to stop and reflect about everything. and i also learnt a little bit from that.

1. writing an academic essay is not a piece of useless thoughts. i salute my friends who really can sit down and type where as i need days to think of one particular is hard but paid off when my supervisor approved my work and walla! i've done 3 chapters. thank you for making me happy madam! =)

3. Having a car give me headache.really.i sacrifice something to buy me the conveniences to go anywhere i want.i have explored the whole KL up to Klang since my mum let me used her was fun.but the $$$ runs like the river.haishoo...and i'm the type who likes to see the fuel meter to be full all the time.

4. i love my family. i just came back from a short vacation in Penang and i enjoyed every seconds of it. ooh..i dont know how to tell you but really really i love my family. Did you know i have the cutest pair of niece and nephew?hehe well you should coz there aint any cute baby in the world after them =).

5. i've learnt that there's a new way of feeding the's a cool device i have ever seen. it's like a milk bottle but at the cover, there's a spoon attached to it.the mummy has to squeeze the bottle to get the food out and feed the baby. walauweh! baru tau splashing, not frustration.hehe

i know my life is boring.been told once. but who cares. my definition of being cool is totally different by any of you. i've never been to any club.i dont drink. i dont own thousand boyfriends. i dont do sex before marriage.i wear hijabs. i am a stay-home person. i dont smoke. i dont own designer pieces.i dont go out at night.i love AXN channel. i love my mum's cekodok. i drink nescafe 3-1 regular. and i am fleshy.

so buzz off.i dont need anyone definition to be cool.


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