Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i have weird dreams last night~

a very sad one started like this. I was in a middle of doing something, as if i was already working. my colleague and I were supposed to go somewhere and we were inside a car. the beginning of the dream was blur as i couldnt really recall. but heading towards the climax, my colleague who is now my bestfriend ( i assume my bestfriend - you'll find out later) were in the middle of the ocean.

Both of us were trapped and sucked into the crazy waves. the waves twirled and swirled like a big tornado. we cried for help. i prayed to be saved from the disaster. and we did. Few minutes later we were almost at the shore.the feeling felt real. i could hear my heart pumping. i could feel my clothes were wet. i hugged my friend. we're safe!!

but not for long. a few minutes later, a heyyuuggee wave came and crashed on us. Once more we were pulled back into the ocean. it's like the tsunami have hitted on us. I can feel i was drowning. i had trouble breathing. i tried to go up to the surface but the tide was crazy. i tried to look for my friend. she or he was nowhere to be seen. Again i prayed, Dear Allah, if you let me live, i would be a good muslimah'. that was exactly my prayer. no kidding!

few seconds later, i lied on the sea shore, breathing like a machine and tired as hell. i pulled myself together. the ocean/beach had turned back to normal. no big waves, the sky was clear but my friend was nowhere to be seen. i knew that time he or she has gone. i looked around. i saw something moving under the beach sand. i digged them out. it was Ah Sze, my classmates. apparently she experienced the tsunami as well. i asked where's the rest of the friends. she gave me empty look.i knew they were all gone.

i shouted for my friend. i cried. i wept. the feeling was unbearable. then i saw my CARLO RINO bag. i tried to reach for it.but i couldnt remember if i ever got it back. soon later, people were crowding the beach. many reporters came.

out of a sudden, i was in a room. full of people who tried to provide help or investigate the weird phenomena that just happened. i was the main attraction because i survived. One of the people who interviewed me was Dr. Radzani and his friends. In real, Dr Radzani was my practicum supervisor. He wore the same blue shirt that he always wear.haha..

back to the weird dream, i remembered towards the end i cried a lot. everytime people asked me bout my friend, i cried. watched the news i cried.there was part that Dr Radzani asked two girls to dress exactly how my friend and i dresses before the was weird though. it's like a bit of CSI was incorporated into that dream where sometimes the CSIs would react to get the answer. anyway, one of the model was Erin Malik. Go google if you want to know more. she was scolded for not posing as what Dr Radzani wanted.i pitied her so asked her to join me for ice cream.

then whooossh! we were in Queensbay Mall, Penang. We were in front of Baskin Robbin ice cream booth. i was contemplating whether to order ice cream or just go for drinks. wah..i was still a cheapskate in the dream. in the end Erin ordered 3 scoops of ice cream

we sat and chatted bout what just happened to me. again i cried. though she was literally stuffing her mouth with ice cream, she asked me who's that my friend who lost in the tsunami.i answered, 'My best friend'.

that's pretty much my weird dream.dont ask me who's that my best friend. i dont remember.or actually i didnt really look at her face.but i know she was someone special and the fact that i lost her really hurts me and broke my heart.

Few things i've learnt from my dream:
1. it's weird.
2. be a good muslimah because even in my dream i was given a second chance by Allah.
3. Material possession is nothing when you lost everything. My carlo rino handbag was useless anyway!
4. i watched too much of CSI...haha
5. i am real cheapskate..

i still have vivid memories of struggling in the felt real. it was scary. it was no escape.i hope i wont ever be in that situation in real life. please, no's scary enough in the dream.

K peeps, hhappy fasting!!


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