Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Suicide case in UKM

Last night, there was news i heard through a friend and facebook about a student committing suicide. There are many versions of the story. The first one i heard was she tried to cut her arm but the newest version i heard she jumped out of her room. Bottomline, some one decided to end her life yesterday.Hmmm...this is sad. it was said that this Chinese girl is a first year student who just broke up with her boyfriend. Some says she's pregnant - erego the suicidal attempt.Some say she's not dead yet but some said she did upon arriving at the hospital. This incident happened yesterday morning.

We have options in life. So sayang..she's still in her first year. Still very young. 



Sir Marcello said...

ya terlalu awal...kenapa perlu bertindak nekad..

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