Wednesday, August 4, 2010

thesis thesis thesis?

i've been living my life stressfully for the past few days - thingking, draftng, typing, writing, reading, scrutinizing, screaming - aiya you get the picture..hehe

i am currently on my thesis writing or academic writing, they call it here.for those who have been in this process you would understand.

but mind you, i was just finished writing the thesis proposal..not the actual one. now i am crossing my fingers that my supervisor will approve my topic. doing proposal also took me almost 3 days doing research.aigoo~

but i want to make sure all done before going to Penang this weekend.Yihuu!! cant wait!


Sue Andy's said...

oh i like ur wishlist :D
nurol. juh kita g clas cupcakes. maok?

smallkucing said...

and there are time to relax. May you have a great weekend ahead :D

Mia Liana said...

wishing u the best of luck! Go Nurul!

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