Wednesday, March 28, 2012

60 days

Exactly 60 days from now. =)

My dad helped to collect this from Pejabat Agama today.

Male Drivers

I have been driving to and fro to school for more than 2 months since January. So I dare to say that I'm pretty expert (cewahhhh) when it comes to which lane to drive during peak hour, which route to take or which traffic lights should turn green first.hehe

Apart from the new tips and tricks, I've met many drivers.

Did you know that every morning I will meet the same Myvi car on the way to school? I remember the plate number as well. hehe
and also a 60km/h Jeep that moves so slow that I could wave my hand to the driver?
Or a nurse who always looks so anxious behind the wheels?

Yea I meet new friends on the road, but yet to say hi and introduce myself.hahahah

And also few male drivers in big fancy cars. I dont know what's their problem but they made my day. Wanna know why?

Maybe because they are males, they couldnt take it when I overtook their cars. C'mon la. What are you? 6?

The funny thing was they would try to overtake my car or followed closely behind me. I was like...whattttt.

One example, from today.

I entered AMJ highway from Bachang. There was this guy, in a Nissan. He was driving in the fast lane but as usual, fast lane = slow lane and vice versa. I was driving behind him but I changed to another lane and overtook his car. I guess he felt challenged then he started to overtake me again and went back into the fast lane. I didnt notice at first. But about 100m in front there's a traffic light. So I slowed down because I knew the light was gonna change to green anytime. At that time, the Nissan had stopped behind another car. My timing was perfect as the red light turned green and I stepped on my accelerator. Again, the Nissan was left behind. and again, he catched up but because there was a slow moving bike on the fast lane, he had to stayed behind my car. I guess he wasnt happy. Once we passed the bike, he overtook my car and looked at me. As if he was winning. Whatttttttttttt. I was in a very good mood so dont care la. Few 100 meters after that, again there was a junction + traffic light. and again, he was trapped behind a lorry and I drove as smooth as a Porche and passed by his car.hahahahaha 

This is one of the example. Male drivers, It's funny because, I'm driving a Myvi and you are driving big expensive fancy cars. There's no way I could win if we were to have a race. So dont waste your time, your fuel and putting others' lives in danger. You can always overtake me, You do not need to look cocky.hehehe eh thinking back, okla, be cocky. at least you make my day =)

In Melaka right, you dont have to have big fancy car. Because in Melaka you can find many junctions and traffic lights. All you need is good strategy and perfect timing. with those, you'd be able to arrive at your destination hassle-less. If my strategy and timing are perfect, I can reach home in 35minutes. if not, the usual time taken to arrive home is about 50mins.see?
Monday, March 26, 2012

2 months = 8 weeks = 62 days

and I;ll be yours. InsyaAllah =)

Right now, most of the teachers at the school will ask about my preparation sampai I jadi maluuuuuu.I'm not sure from who and how they found out about my wedding but I'm happy that they are happy for me.

As for preparation, everything is almost settle only that I have to catch up on the progress with the vendors. Especially abang premons who has been so quite from the past 2 months. I have to check whether my dress is ready.hehe

 I've always wanted to give B macarons since my tongue tasted the sweetness of it 3 years ago. In Melaka, it's kinda hard to find bakers for macarons butttttttt i just found out my colleague is a baker.muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 

Astagfirullah, gelak very the not bride material. =P

This colleague of mine is a very talented baker. She learns how to bake and decorate through YouTube only! and her workmanship is superb!!!.

Today, she brought a whole tray of blueberry cheese tart. I can promise you this, her tarts tasted sooo good that I could cry of happiness. This is not an exaggeration. The tarts were fluffy especially the cheese. And she told me she didnt use phila or any other common cheese. She used a different brand/type that I had not heard before. Anyhoo, the taste was awesome~ Bila dapat gaji nak order banyak2 bawak balik rumah buat sarapan.hehehehe

Taken from her FB

And because of the tarts that she brought today, many teacher inquired to order from. Go go go kak! It's very easy to deal with her. Just tell her what cha want and she will try to fulfill it.

p/s She didnt ask me to promote her but because of her fluffy tarts, I think she deserves recognition. Serius sedap gilerr and tak muak.makseh =)
Friday, March 23, 2012

Learning Period

Howdy fellas =)

It's been some times since I last poured my thoughts. Truth is, I was caught up with work this week with meetings, sport (2 days), test and briefings.

Apart from all the works, I truly enjoy my time in school. I enjoy being around colleagues, students and the staffs. Life has been treating me well.

Is not that I dont experience the ups and downs but I choose to look at them as the challenges. As a new teacher, I am well informed the 'treatments' that I'll get so I think I'm handling pretty well. Dont get me wrong. There were times I felt like screaming and cursing. I did though. 


In the car.hahahahhaa the 2 hours journey - to and fro school every weekdays and sometimes weekends, with frequent stops for traffic lights and stupid drivers were spent wisely with screams.muehehehehe Those were the time that I let myself lost for a while and shouted insanely or sang my lungs out to the radio. I think I need to buy Koran CD soon. Better than cursing la.... =__=

Come what may in the future. I'll take them as challenges. I believe the first year of teaching is the most crucial because this is when I develop my self esteem and my characters as a teacher. I've met few teachers who have lost the passion to teach and it irks the hell outta me. Teachers who are not bothered about the responsibility and are walking zombies to school who wait for the time to clock out. Scary. I hope I wont be like them. 

Of course I've had my share of losing myself and wanted to jump 35 years into the future where I could happily enjoy my pension. But that's not how life works. and to think back, I dont want my life to fast forward that fast. I want to live my life to the fullest!

Ok i dunno why I'm crappin'heheh  I'm starting losing my hair since 2 weeks ago and have to cut it short. =( That's when I realised that I'm actually under stress.haha

Enjoy your weekend peeps!

Katy Perry - Part Of Me

This song gives me goosebumps. I dunno why.

p/s It's not related to my relationship with B. I just love the song. and I still love B too.hehe
Tuesday, March 20, 2012


banyak benda buat aku serabot.ish

sepuloh kali nak kena explain.aku taknak tukar2 baju time kawen.satu baju dah laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. biaq pi la orang lain buat cam mane. nak tukr seploh baju ke. yg penting aku taknak. panas tau tak tukar2 baju. kalau panas berpeluh. kulit aku sensitif. panas naik ruam. bila naik ruam gatal. bila gatal jadi marah tau takkk.

hal politik sekolah. satu group ckp macam ni. the other group cakap macam ni. biarla aku sendiri boleh. korang nak perang2 biaq pi la. aku buat keja aku kau buat keja kau.

gaji bila nak masuk ni. aku bkan nak pegi shopping ape. tapi macam dah perlu sangat duit. dah segan nak mintak ngn mak. series aku segan gile2 nak mintak. =(

Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby girl has grown

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this so much!

she was trying to loose the cloth with her tongue. hahaha

Last night she bumped into a door, hence the Ultraman sign on the forehead.hahaha

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Now that my cousin is safely married, all the attentions no go to me, the next in line to be hitched. It's just natural for people to get curious and excited about weddings.hehe They want to know about the concept, about the theme color, about the designs, about the caterer and down to the littlest thing like what would be my centerpiece.

I'm not trying to hide anything or trying to create surprise elements about my wedding but honestly, I myself, the bride is almost clueless as those who were asking. True story.

Let's break it down.

1. The concept.
From my understanding, the concept should be vintage, retro, traditional, garden or fairy tale. For my wedding, I think my concept is 'Lendu Kampung Style Concept with a hint of modern contemporary and a little fairy tale'. Boleh gitu??hahahahahaha Why the because? it is because I have never thought of any concept. My one and only concern is that the solemnization goes well. InsyaAllah.

2. The theme color
I think I've talked about this so many times in the previous post. My theme color would be purple with a hint of green (the wall is green) and also bright yellow (the curtain is in this color) and also cream (my baju nikah). Can you imagine that?hahahaha I dont want to stick to one color because some of the things for the wedding were sponsored by kind hearted people so I dont want to be lebih kuah dari sudu by demanding things. People want to give, you make do of everything. And I forbid, yes forbid my mom to tailor a new curtain just for the sake of the reception. it's not economical and we are running out of space to keep curtains and bed sheets.

3. The designs
These include the design of my dais, meja beradab, dresses and make up. Honestly, I put all my trust on the vendors. As long as they turn out appropriate should be fine wimme. I dont expect too much because if it doesnt turn out like what i have expected, i'm gonna be a bridezilla, maybe faint a little be or worst wanting to cancel the wedding. yes a bride can be that emo. so shoving aside all those thoughts, i want everything to be ok and not burdening anybody. If everyone is happy, I am happy. If everyone is happy, they are most likely not to talk bad about the wedding. Kata-kata itu doa.

4. Caterer
The caterer is my mom's colleague who has been in the business for so long. We hired them for merisik and also engagement and the food were delicious. they are a bit pricey but my mom, abah and i believe that we should put more money on food than other nonsensical stuffs. When the guests eat delicious food and not getting diarrhea the next day, the purpose of the kenduri is achieved. That's the most important thing. In our village, people dont usually talk about the grand wedding. it's the food that is getting the attention.hehehehe

5. Door gift.
The caterer is giving out free 400 doorgifts. After thinking for so long, mom decided to add another 600 for the guests. So we dont need to crack our heads about this thing anymore. and all of them will be prepared by them. My house will have more space since we dont keep the doorgifts till the reception date.muehehehe I like!

Basically, I want everything to be simple.

I've got people asking me what's my current project for the wedding. They thought I might be so busy by now. They even asked my mom. Funny thing was we both looked at each other spontaneously and laughed a lil bit. Because so far, we are not busy with anything.haha We want to get busy but donno with what.hoho

Ok la. A long post for the whole week. will be going to Kedah tomorrow. Mom is excited to give out the invitations plus my cousin's reception on the groom's side is on Saturday.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trip to the East

On Friday after the Jumaat prayers, our big family in 6 cars headed to east Malaysia for my cousin's wedding. We went in 2 separate big groups, 3 cars in each group. My family was in the second group. we were a bit late because my dad went to settle few errands at his orchard first. =_=

To go to Pekan Pahang from Alor Gajah, one could use the Gemas road as it was nearer. Since we had to fetch my brother in Kuala Pilah, we had to use Kuala Pilah - Bahau road which was a bit far. My dad said about 20km more than the first road.hehe 

I was excited coz this was our first time convoying in a big group.huhu anyhoo, we left Lendu at 3pm and arrived at our homestay in Pekan Bandar Diraja at 9.30pm!!! One hour was wasted waiting for our order at a shop. Actually the journey was supposed to take about 4 hours but because the holiday had just started last Friday, the road was swarmed by cars and lorries and motorbikes.

Okay enough with the facts. Lesgo to the pictures.hehe


The hantarans, decorated by the bride. Cantek!! Mek sukoooo.

Home made chocolate. used to be in my list but had to scratch this. cantek too!Did you notice that she was using tissues for the flowers?hehe nice righttttt.

that's all for the pictures from the wedding. I was the bridesmaid so I didnt have my phone in my hands..haha still waiting for pictures from aunties and cousins. Sorry kak gg.hehe I was the runaway bridesmaid because I had to leave the ceremony during the makan beradab. My convoy decided to return to the homestay to rest for awhile before we went to Kuantan. Sorry Diera =(

My brother daus and sister Dayah wanted to go back to their Unis from Kuantan as it was nearer and easier than going back to Melaka and take the bus from there. My uncle told us that we could find the bus in Kuantan so after we rested for awhile, the convoy headed to Kuantan. The mission was to find the bus ticket and also keropok lekor!!!From Pekan to Kuantan, it takes about half an hour.

To cut story short, we got the ticket not the keropok. Apparently, no keropok lekor sold or we just didnt see it so no keropok =(. But we visited the famous Teluk Chempedak Beach yalllll!!

It was pretty crowded. School holiday so it's expected. What amazed me the most was the fact that the beach has KFC, McD and Burger King completed with drive through as well! Wow!

Hi B!

Chocolate muffin as one of the doorgifts. Home made by my auntie. Giler sedappppp! Not too sweet. Just nice.

A token to bring back. Another collection for our fridge.hehehehe

Congratulations to my cousin Diera and husband on your wedding. See you on the groom's reception next week. Next it will be my turn.heheheheheheh

p/s one of my aunties said I've lost weight. hoyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
p/p/s Will upload more pictures on the wedding once I got the copy.
p/p/p/s pardon my grammar. am too tired to edit.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

grammatical errors

Usually, I wont read what I type.

Just now I did.

Ya Allah, there are too many errors in my sentences.  I was likeeeee ??? If my students were to read my blog, I swear they will run to GPK Form 6 and ask for another teacher to teach them (yerp that's how the students roll in my school).hahaha

FYI, I know I have many grammatical mistakes in my blog. Fret not, it's not I dont know the rules, just laaaazyyyyyyy.


Woo hoo!

Holla peeps! How are you? I'm fine thank you --- soooo text book-alike sound.hahaha

So many things I want to type right now. We'll start with sub topic for each news k.

1. That's BULLSHITT!
Shouted the angry me at one of my form 6 students yesterday. It was too late when I realised I've used inappropriate words to the students.haha It all started 2 weeks ago when I couldnt enter my ARTS colloquium class because of other commitments. Because of that, I've called the leader of the group to find/meet me whenever he was free. I needed the name list because it's the class that I dont teach. So I need the list and also the focus of their research and also to tell him what are expected in the research. FYI, we only had 2 meeting slots before the presentation and I had not once met them for that. I asked him to come and see me more than 5 times. I didnt even get to see his nose hair =.='. So when I entered the class yesterday, the first thing I asked was who's the leader. Then I asked him why the because he didnt come and see me. He gave so many stupid answers like

'I dont know your place'
'I dont want to be the leader'

What worst was he told me I only called him once which made me so angry because he lied.The student who was my messenger to him is my own student so I know la. He dared to lie. So I countered back all his excuses when it reached my last when he said the reason he didnt go and see me was 'I dont know which one is you'.

Then I shouted, that's bullshit - with maximum stress on the pronunciation. That's when all eyes were on me. I was known as a very chirpy-smile-always kinda teacher in the school. This is told by the students not made by me. So when I got angry the whole class fell silent. To cut story short, we did discuss and settle some things and I'm glad that my group is making progress with research. Before I left the class, I apologized for my foul words. Hopefully they wont keep grudge la. If they do, LIKE I CARE!

2. MC Bidan Terjun
Was one of my duty this week for STPM result ceremony because the real MC had other commitment to attend to. I was never once become a MC for any occasion because I'm the quite type and stage fright. But I dunno how to say no so today I did became the MC with very limited info from the school. Thanks to my tray girls (form 6 students) who kept cheering for me as they could see I was nervous and I couldnt feel my feet. It went well I think. And they said I was natural on stage. awwwwwwwwwwww. thank you =). I hope to get better if I ever get this MC job again.

The post is too long. Now I'm lazy to type. Bye!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sistem Tapisan Keselamatan E-VETTING

I COULDN'T REMEMBER MY PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started a week ago when I received the whole set of my offer letter. The lady told me that I needed to settle this and that and it included handing in my borang tapisan to UNIT TATATERTIB JPM. So I did went to that department only to be told to register it online. I was like @#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#. I drove all the way from school and climbed to the top floor and sweated a bucket just to be informed 'dik sekarang semua dah on9'. I knew about this tapisan keselamatan and I already registered myself like a zillion years ago. I was frustrated that the lady at other department gave the wrong info.

Anyhoo, once I got home I tried to log in but i couldn't remember my password. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa. I've tried the 'lupa kata laluan' function but none is received to date. Benci!

FYI, this thing is important for pengesahan lantikan tetap as a government officer. I've tried many password combinations but none worked. booo hoooooooooo

Just to share, if you need more info about how to register, please visit here =)

p/s Please pray that I'll receive my password thru email or my brain finally wants to ransacked my sub-conscious folder to dig out the hoo
Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday march

I was given a copy from those documents.tee hee... The clerk said I will receive my salary in April. Alhamdulillah =)))))))))

Yes, I'm still a bujang. Given by the school clerk in the same day.hehe

The bestest lamb chop so far in Melaka. I slept over at a friend's house so she brought me to The Windmill, Melaka Raya for dinner. The set includes a piece of lamb chop and chicken chop and the rest you could see on the plate, a bowl of mushroom soup and a glass of Ice Lemon Tea.

Overall rating: 4/5. Because the Ice Lemon Tea was sooo superb, unlike usual. Plan to bring Mom and the family for makan2 here.hehe oh before I forget, the price for one whole set is RM19.90. Worth it because the portion is big.hehe 

Thursday, March 1, 2012


As the title said, today our school had this programme where all teachers had to lined up at the main entrance and greeted the students who walked in.


Good morning!

Tahniah sebab datang ke sekolah

Tahniah sebab datang awal ke sekolah

Belajar rajin-rajin

Guru-guru sayang semua murid

Those are the examples of the greetings followed by hand shakings. for boys only.

I enjoyed the whole process mainly because the expression from the students were priceless.hahahahahaha

Some students looked stunned and were like 'cikgu ni buang tebiat haper?" - this by far the best expression.hah

Some were scared - they tot we were doing spot check

Some were really blur - they didnt know how to respond

Some looked soooo happy. Dunno why.

Even parents were surprised to see all the teachers in line greeting their kids.haha

Anyhoo, I hope we will have this programme at least once a year. Not everyday though. Ponek den nak baris awal2 pagi.
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