Friday, March 23, 2012

Learning Period

Howdy fellas =)

It's been some times since I last poured my thoughts. Truth is, I was caught up with work this week with meetings, sport (2 days), test and briefings.

Apart from all the works, I truly enjoy my time in school. I enjoy being around colleagues, students and the staffs. Life has been treating me well.

Is not that I dont experience the ups and downs but I choose to look at them as the challenges. As a new teacher, I am well informed the 'treatments' that I'll get so I think I'm handling pretty well. Dont get me wrong. There were times I felt like screaming and cursing. I did though. 


In the car.hahahahhaa the 2 hours journey - to and fro school every weekdays and sometimes weekends, with frequent stops for traffic lights and stupid drivers were spent wisely with screams.muehehehehe Those were the time that I let myself lost for a while and shouted insanely or sang my lungs out to the radio. I think I need to buy Koran CD soon. Better than cursing la.... =__=

Come what may in the future. I'll take them as challenges. I believe the first year of teaching is the most crucial because this is when I develop my self esteem and my characters as a teacher. I've met few teachers who have lost the passion to teach and it irks the hell outta me. Teachers who are not bothered about the responsibility and are walking zombies to school who wait for the time to clock out. Scary. I hope I wont be like them. 

Of course I've had my share of losing myself and wanted to jump 35 years into the future where I could happily enjoy my pension. But that's not how life works. and to think back, I dont want my life to fast forward that fast. I want to live my life to the fullest!

Ok i dunno why I'm crappin'heheh  I'm starting losing my hair since 2 weeks ago and have to cut it short. =( That's when I realised that I'm actually under stress.haha

Enjoy your weekend peeps!
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