Monday, March 26, 2012

2 months = 8 weeks = 62 days

and I;ll be yours. InsyaAllah =)

Right now, most of the teachers at the school will ask about my preparation sampai I jadi maluuuuuu.I'm not sure from who and how they found out about my wedding but I'm happy that they are happy for me.

As for preparation, everything is almost settle only that I have to catch up on the progress with the vendors. Especially abang premons who has been so quite from the past 2 months. I have to check whether my dress is ready.hehe

 I've always wanted to give B macarons since my tongue tasted the sweetness of it 3 years ago. In Melaka, it's kinda hard to find bakers for macarons butttttttt i just found out my colleague is a baker.muahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 

Astagfirullah, gelak very the not bride material. =P

This colleague of mine is a very talented baker. She learns how to bake and decorate through YouTube only! and her workmanship is superb!!!.

Today, she brought a whole tray of blueberry cheese tart. I can promise you this, her tarts tasted sooo good that I could cry of happiness. This is not an exaggeration. The tarts were fluffy especially the cheese. And she told me she didnt use phila or any other common cheese. She used a different brand/type that I had not heard before. Anyhoo, the taste was awesome~ Bila dapat gaji nak order banyak2 bawak balik rumah buat sarapan.hehehehe

Taken from her FB

And because of the tarts that she brought today, many teacher inquired to order from. Go go go kak! It's very easy to deal with her. Just tell her what cha want and she will try to fulfill it.

p/s She didnt ask me to promote her but because of her fluffy tarts, I think she deserves recognition. Serius sedap gilerr and tak muak.makseh =)
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