Sunday, March 11, 2012

Trip to the East

On Friday after the Jumaat prayers, our big family in 6 cars headed to east Malaysia for my cousin's wedding. We went in 2 separate big groups, 3 cars in each group. My family was in the second group. we were a bit late because my dad went to settle few errands at his orchard first. =_=

To go to Pekan Pahang from Alor Gajah, one could use the Gemas road as it was nearer. Since we had to fetch my brother in Kuala Pilah, we had to use Kuala Pilah - Bahau road which was a bit far. My dad said about 20km more than the first road.hehe 

I was excited coz this was our first time convoying in a big group.huhu anyhoo, we left Lendu at 3pm and arrived at our homestay in Pekan Bandar Diraja at 9.30pm!!! One hour was wasted waiting for our order at a shop. Actually the journey was supposed to take about 4 hours but because the holiday had just started last Friday, the road was swarmed by cars and lorries and motorbikes.

Okay enough with the facts. Lesgo to the pictures.hehe


The hantarans, decorated by the bride. Cantek!! Mek sukoooo.

Home made chocolate. used to be in my list but had to scratch this. cantek too!Did you notice that she was using tissues for the flowers?hehe nice righttttt.

that's all for the pictures from the wedding. I was the bridesmaid so I didnt have my phone in my hands..haha still waiting for pictures from aunties and cousins. Sorry kak gg.hehe I was the runaway bridesmaid because I had to leave the ceremony during the makan beradab. My convoy decided to return to the homestay to rest for awhile before we went to Kuantan. Sorry Diera =(

My brother daus and sister Dayah wanted to go back to their Unis from Kuantan as it was nearer and easier than going back to Melaka and take the bus from there. My uncle told us that we could find the bus in Kuantan so after we rested for awhile, the convoy headed to Kuantan. The mission was to find the bus ticket and also keropok lekor!!!From Pekan to Kuantan, it takes about half an hour.

To cut story short, we got the ticket not the keropok. Apparently, no keropok lekor sold or we just didnt see it so no keropok =(. But we visited the famous Teluk Chempedak Beach yalllll!!

It was pretty crowded. School holiday so it's expected. What amazed me the most was the fact that the beach has KFC, McD and Burger King completed with drive through as well! Wow!

Hi B!

Chocolate muffin as one of the doorgifts. Home made by my auntie. Giler sedappppp! Not too sweet. Just nice.

A token to bring back. Another collection for our fridge.hehehehe

Congratulations to my cousin Diera and husband on your wedding. See you on the groom's reception next week. Next it will be my turn.heheheheheheh

p/s one of my aunties said I've lost weight. hoyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
p/p/s Will upload more pictures on the wedding once I got the copy.
p/p/p/s pardon my grammar. am too tired to edit.

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