Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Male Drivers

I have been driving to and fro to school for more than 2 months since January. So I dare to say that I'm pretty expert (cewahhhh) when it comes to which lane to drive during peak hour, which route to take or which traffic lights should turn green first.hehe

Apart from the new tips and tricks, I've met many drivers.

Did you know that every morning I will meet the same Myvi car on the way to school? I remember the plate number as well. hehe
and also a 60km/h Jeep that moves so slow that I could wave my hand to the driver?
Or a nurse who always looks so anxious behind the wheels?

Yea I meet new friends on the road, but yet to say hi and introduce myself.hahahah

And also few male drivers in big fancy cars. I dont know what's their problem but they made my day. Wanna know why?

Maybe because they are males, they couldnt take it when I overtook their cars. C'mon la. What are you? 6?

The funny thing was they would try to overtake my car or followed closely behind me. I was like...whattttt.

One example, from today.

I entered AMJ highway from Bachang. There was this guy, in a Nissan. He was driving in the fast lane but as usual, fast lane = slow lane and vice versa. I was driving behind him but I changed to another lane and overtook his car. I guess he felt challenged then he started to overtake me again and went back into the fast lane. I didnt notice at first. But about 100m in front there's a traffic light. So I slowed down because I knew the light was gonna change to green anytime. At that time, the Nissan had stopped behind another car. My timing was perfect as the red light turned green and I stepped on my accelerator. Again, the Nissan was left behind. and again, he catched up but because there was a slow moving bike on the fast lane, he had to stayed behind my car. I guess he wasnt happy. Once we passed the bike, he overtook my car and looked at me. As if he was winning. Whatttttttttttt. I was in a very good mood so dont care la. Few 100 meters after that, again there was a junction + traffic light. and again, he was trapped behind a lorry and I drove as smooth as a Porche and passed by his car.hahahahaha 

This is one of the example. Male drivers, It's funny because, I'm driving a Myvi and you are driving big expensive fancy cars. There's no way I could win if we were to have a race. So dont waste your time, your fuel and putting others' lives in danger. You can always overtake me, You do not need to look cocky.hehehe eh thinking back, okla, be cocky. at least you make my day =)

In Melaka right, you dont have to have big fancy car. Because in Melaka you can find many junctions and traffic lights. All you need is good strategy and perfect timing. with those, you'd be able to arrive at your destination hassle-less. If my strategy and timing are perfect, I can reach home in 35minutes. if not, the usual time taken to arrive home is about 50mins.see?
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