Thursday, March 1, 2012


As the title said, today our school had this programme where all teachers had to lined up at the main entrance and greeted the students who walked in.


Good morning!

Tahniah sebab datang ke sekolah

Tahniah sebab datang awal ke sekolah

Belajar rajin-rajin

Guru-guru sayang semua murid

Those are the examples of the greetings followed by hand shakings. for boys only.

I enjoyed the whole process mainly because the expression from the students were priceless.hahahahahaha

Some students looked stunned and were like 'cikgu ni buang tebiat haper?" - this by far the best expression.hah

Some were scared - they tot we were doing spot check

Some were really blur - they didnt know how to respond

Some looked soooo happy. Dunno why.

Even parents were surprised to see all the teachers in line greeting their kids.haha

Anyhoo, I hope we will have this programme at least once a year. Not everyday though. Ponek den nak baris awal2 pagi.
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