Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Woo hoo!

Holla peeps! How are you? I'm fine thank you --- soooo text book-alike sound.hahaha

So many things I want to type right now. We'll start with sub topic for each news k.

1. That's BULLSHITT!
Shouted the angry me at one of my form 6 students yesterday. It was too late when I realised I've used inappropriate words to the students.haha It all started 2 weeks ago when I couldnt enter my ARTS colloquium class because of other commitments. Because of that, I've called the leader of the group to find/meet me whenever he was free. I needed the name list because it's the class that I dont teach. So I need the list and also the focus of their research and also to tell him what are expected in the research. FYI, we only had 2 meeting slots before the presentation and I had not once met them for that. I asked him to come and see me more than 5 times. I didnt even get to see his nose hair =.='. So when I entered the class yesterday, the first thing I asked was who's the leader. Then I asked him why the because he didnt come and see me. He gave so many stupid answers like

'I dont know your place'
'I dont want to be the leader'

What worst was he told me I only called him once which made me so angry because he lied.The student who was my messenger to him is my own student so I know la. He dared to lie. So I countered back all his excuses when it reached my last when he said the reason he didnt go and see me was 'I dont know which one is you'.

Then I shouted, that's bullshit - with maximum stress on the pronunciation. That's when all eyes were on me. I was known as a very chirpy-smile-always kinda teacher in the school. This is told by the students not made by me. So when I got angry the whole class fell silent. To cut story short, we did discuss and settle some things and I'm glad that my group is making progress with research. Before I left the class, I apologized for my foul words. Hopefully they wont keep grudge la. If they do, LIKE I CARE!

2. MC Bidan Terjun
Was one of my duty this week for STPM result ceremony because the real MC had other commitment to attend to. I was never once become a MC for any occasion because I'm the quite type and stage fright. But I dunno how to say no so today I did became the MC with very limited info from the school. Thanks to my tray girls (form 6 students) who kept cheering for me as they could see I was nervous and I couldnt feel my feet. It went well I think. And they said I was natural on stage. awwwwwwwwwwww. thank you =). I hope to get better if I ever get this MC job again.

The post is too long. Now I'm lazy to type. Bye!

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