Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Distance sakssss to the core.

Usually I would let the thought slip off my mind as I dont want to end up being depressed and sad over petty things. Sometimes I would joke about it. Sometimes I would brag about it. Brag about how distance is not a challenge for us. But too bad it does.

 All I have is just telephone and email.

These phone calls are great, but

What's a voice without a face?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Here comes the...


I was so extremely tired today. At school I almost dozed off while waiting for my class period.

Anyhoo, I've settled all the legal documents today. yiiiihhaaaaaa! and also my medical check up. I went to Hospital Alor Gajah today and asked whether i could skip another medical test since I've done it earlier this month. Because urine test will take a week to complete and I dont have the time to wait anymore. The lady at the counter said cannnnnnnn!

So I took a number and waited to be called. Once i entered the doc's room, I was welcomed by a very hunky young doctor. I was like goshhhhh I looked like a dead cat today and here one of the most handsome doctor I've ever seen sat before my eyes @______@

The procedure went well and it didnt take 5 minutes to settle everything. Then I received a message from my tailor. My baju nikah dah siappppppppppppppppppppppp! *pengsan*

Actually it was supposed to be ready last week but when I went to collect it, apologetically the auntie asked for another week. So I said ok jahhhh.

And now, right now, the baju is comfortably laying in front of me. Now now now i really feel like want to force the kadi to come to our house and marry us this instant.hahahahaha

The baju turned out to be sooo okay. I never expect too much in all the preparations so when I first laid my eyes on this baju, I'm in lerrrvvvvvvvvvvv!

Wanna see wanna see wanna see??

This much can?hehe

on a different note, my mentor told me today she'll observe me once the exam is over i.e. NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

He answered my prayers.

Alhamdulillah. I feel like my life has gone peacefully nowadays. Allah has answered my prayers mercifully.

Today I went to JPN to collect my letter. At first I was scolded by the officer because the rest of my batch have collected their letters last week. I was blur because my school didnt say anything, and I received nothing as well. Oh well. Who cares =p

I've a set of papers including the offer letter, aku janji, tapisan keselamatan and also medical check up form. I told the officer that I've gone for medical check up last month so she said I dont have to do it all over again. I just need to see the same doctor and ask that doctor to fill in the form adn certify. Hoyeah! I'm happy because medical check up takes a week to be completed. And the form must be submitted by this week since we are too late. The deadline was supposed to be 30 days after we reported to school since there were problems with SPP and the letters, the JPN only received the letter last week.ho ho ho

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.hehe I'm now officially a PPPS DG 1-1 =)))))

This is surat setuju terima tawaran.

Surat Akuan Sumpah

Medical Check up form.

Aku janji

Annndddd surat tapisan keselamatan.

I was told to post all these documents to the respective adress given by myself. Because she said it's better to handle these documents ourselves because they are deadly important. So am gonna post it myself on Wednesday. InsyaAllah by Friday, Putrajaya will receive my letter.

hoyeah hoyeah hoyeah hoyeah hoyeah. =))))))))))))

I'll settle everything tomorrow. Hopefully no meeting for teachers or else...

InsyaAllah I'll get my first salary before the wedding. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I've spent my weekend wisely, by assembling materials, sorting documents, and typing endlessly for PPGB folio. Phew~ I credit myself for being able to force ownself and finish doing it. Alhamdulillah.

Mom was sooo pening as I threw the house into major messiness. With files, papers, stationeries lying around, she couldnt help but nag.sorry mak!

Actually I didnt prepare PPGB folio only but also for 'Memo' and 'MUET' files. I have soooo many memos/letters and what nots from the school and I needed to get them organize pronto. So organize them I did today.muehehehe


I sorted them according to Months/ Urgent.huhu

This is my PPGB folio. 

Through out the process, mom kept telling me to relax, I can always do it later. But I know my school and my workplace quite well by now, sometimes works can just appear on my table without warning. Therefore, completing the file was my utmost priority for this week. I also foresee many papers to be marked because next week will be Mac Monthly test. 

Another thing is my cubicle is neighboring a group of excellent teachers - BM, Science, Econs, Physics. So I always observe how they manage their tables, letters, books. They are very systematic indeed. So I make it compulsory to follow their style =)

As a reward, gonna buy something or eat something delicious tomorrow. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

p/s gonna go to JPN and collect my letter tomorrow. Letter means Kaching!!! $$$$$$$

Coldplay - Paradise

My ears never agree with Coldplay songs but they make exception for this song. I first heard this song when I was driving back from school in one of the worst day in my life. This has lifted my spirit and since then I've always tuned in this song.

Everybody is looking for paradise. But sometimes it's too hard to reach it and the only thing that I could do is close my eyes.

When she was just a girl
She expected the world
But if flew away from her reach
and the bullets catch in her teeth

Life goes on it gets so heavy
The wheel breaks the butterfly
Every tear a waterfall
In the night the stormy night she'll close her eyes
In the night the stormy night away she'd fly and dreams of


Copied from here

p/s I showed this video to my niece last week. She said "' (fen = elephant) hahaha

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Program Pembangunan Guru Baru #2

So my mind was made clear after I attended a briefing by JPN Melaka last Tuesday. Alhamdulillah, a day after I yapped about the not-know-about this programme, Allah answered my prayer by sending me a letter to the school.haha

Anyhoo, after invigilating MUET I sped to the appointed school in Batu Berendam. I was a 15minutes late because MUET exam ended quite late that day (1.45pm) and the programme started at 2pm. Unfortunately, the event only started at 3pm =_______________='.

Basically, there were 3 speakers of the day. One for the background of the programme. Another one was how to prepare a folio. The last one for action research (kajian tindakan) that must be carried out within a year. I'll break down one by one.

1. Introduction of the programme.

Basically, this programme is meant to help all the new teachers to get through their first year of teaching with some guidance and support from the school and appointed mentor. Overall, I think this programme deserves a recognition because let's face it, new teachers are inexperienced be it in teaching or managing. This programme is good bebeh.

There will be 3 phases for this programme that will proceed for at least a year. Orientation phase will run in the first 3 months since the first day in school. Apart from that, we will be observed by our mentor, PPD officer or the principal or GPKs at least 3 times in a year. *shivers*

2. Preparing a folio.

For this programme, all new teachers are required to prepare a folio that includes the teacher's personal details, school profile, list of jawatans and responsibilities, orientation phase report, mentoring phase report and reflections. Phew!

3. Action research

We are also required to carry out a research - action research that is in the first year of teaching. The research need not to be complicated but a simple one. At least ONE must be carried out. 

Why this programme?

We were told if we dont have this folio or follow all the requirements, the school has the right not to recommend our confirmation in the service. Bummer! But since I believe that this programme have many many advatages at least to me, I wont whine.haha

Anyhoo, I found this link where you can download the slides about PPGB. The slides are exactly the same during my briefing. Happy exploring new teachers!!

p/s Now I'm busy listing and typing all the reports since I reported to school. Lucky I have my blog and small note books that I have all the important dates for the report.muehehehehee

Friday, February 24, 2012

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up (Lyric Video)

90 days baby. I love you =)


Today merentas desa went well that we went back at 10.45am an hour ealier.hehe Despite some stupid incidences, I'm happy to welcome yet another weekend. woot woot!

I was so tired today that I slept for almost 3 hours in the afternoon. Then I remembered I hadnt prepared lesson planning since yesterday! I was so tired last night that I hit the sack before 9pm =(

So update lesson plan I did just now. Too bad, I've got 'LEWAT' in my record. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa

Uwaaaaaa... my record is spoiled =(

Our school is using this system where the teachers dont need to write any lesson plan in the big thick book. It's convenient because each of us is given one ring file and we need to print out the lesson plans for Monday ONLY! HUahaha but this left me thinking what if the education officer comes to observe me?well...

However, with this application too, the principal can keep track on all the lesson plans i.e. we cant afford not to prepare any LP at all coz he can monitor through the screen in his office.huhu This is because all the lesson plans need to be approved by him or all the senior teachers.

p/s I dunno why but I dont like my sentences in this post. hmm..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chirp chirp

I consider myself a healthy happy person. I usually go to school with chirpy mood because I know the day is gonna be long. So happy morning, happy day.

Today as usually I was all chirpy in the morning. Since I'm invigilating MUET till next week, I have so many things to be done - not MUET stuffs tho. Other errands. So this morning I was literally ran all over the place - saw the principal to hand in Formative test marks, asked for PPGB signature, then to see my mentor to inform few things, then to another teacher to inform her regarding KCKT, then to my head of Sivik Panitia asking about MAC test questions. And I did those in 15minutes. All sweat but no tears.haha

After that had to run to the MUET room which is at the highest level of the building. I ran because I was almost late for the registration. With bags, files and water bottle in my 4inches crocs.hahaha hope you could imagine me walking like a drunk master.

During the exam, I was pretty much free except for occasional disturbances from the candidates asking this and that. Other wise I was too free to the point of banging my head on the wall. But that what I felt yesterday. Today I bought a book to read.hihi

I;m not good in drawing. Evident from the pictures above =__=

Oh by the way, those were yesterday's master pieces.hihihihi

I miss writing/typing. hence the pointless post. Good day!






If I have the time, I will go to JPN and collect my letter. But this week am gonna be so busy. Hopefully they'll send the letter to school =D
Sunday, February 19, 2012


The future it is. I read a post from Vivy's blog today regarding future planning. I have always that thought in my head but she managed to put those thought in words. 

I constantly think about the future especially financial issue. With kids (InsyaAllah) as part of the plan, managing the money is the utmost important. And as Vivy has put it about having 'the talk' with future spouse, B and I havent really discussed about this. hehe B, let's have a talk! Though I can say that with combined salary, B and me we can have a comfortable life (comfortable not wealthy), I still have concerns and so many what ifs about the future.

Scary, it is the future.

Anyhoo, many kind hearted people around me lend whatever they have to help me with the wedding preparation. I couldnt express how much I feel  and thankful for all the helps. hehe

Just yesterday, one of my aunties dropped these trays for my hantarans. hehe Thanks Busu! My room is too packed with other stuffs so have to keep these things in my brother's room. Haiya!

Our littel korean princess dropped by for a while last night. Giving Alang her gedik pose.hehe 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter with pictures

I might be the last person on earth to know about this.hehe But I found the pictures of Beyonce's and JayZ's lil princess. Awwwww~

At a glance she looks like her mom. Another glance she is a daddy's girl. But I think she has her daddy's lips =)

Kau mampoo? Beyonce dalam pantang with full volume hair. Mak mak kitewwww rambut sanggul tinggi-tinggi.hahaha

Happy weekend everyone!

For more pictures, please visit their official tumblr =)

Friday, February 17, 2012

HIV Test Klinik Komuniti Peringgit

Assalamualaikum, Salam Satu Malaysia and Salam Melaka Bandaraya Teknologi Hijau 
(our school uses this for every assembly..hahaha)

Today I came back pretty late. I had extra lesson with one of the form 6 students, then headed to Klinik Komuniti to do my HIV test. This is one of the requirements if you want to get married ye.

Anyhoo, I drove out of the school sharply at 2. I've googled few government clinics to do this test and I've chosen the one in Peringgit because it's a new clinic, it's on my way home and because I planned to stop by GIANT and tapau pizza.

I entered the clinic compound at 2.15pm but the lady told me to come back at 2.45pm. I was contemplating whether to go to Giant to eat or not. Super hungry la weh.. But then I noticed there are few shops right in front of the clinic.I dont like to eat alone but today I did. A proof of how hungry I was. So I took few lauks and white rice, found a place to sit and called B. So he was sort of accompanying me through out my lunch.hahaha 

Then after that, walked back to the clinic. To cut story mory short, here's the procedure:

1. MUST bring the green form from Jabatan Agama. Then you'll be asked to fill in about 4 different forms including the green form.

2. Then you'll be asked to go to ROOM 11 for HIV test. Take a number and wait.

3. Once your number is being called, enter the room. One lady was waiting for me. She scanned through my form and started asking questions. I was thinking 'what a friendly lady'. But that was a trap!!! Little did I know she was distracting my attention because after that I experienced pain that made me scream a little. She was drawing blood (ok enough exaggerating Nurul!!). She took few drops of my blood after she cut my finger using something sharp. Ok I dunno what that thing is called.hehe

After that, she asked me at what time I took my lunch. I said about 45minutes before. Then she said no wonder my reading was very high. I'm not sure what reading but I guess it's the sugar in my blood. My bad! I didnt know they'll check that too.

4. After that, you'll be asked to wait for awhile. Then they'll call your name and return back the forms. The nurse will tell you to go to ROOM 31 for a quick medical check up. I'm healthy except for the sugar in my blood. The nurse also checked my height, weight, BMI and blood pressure. I've LOST 4KGS baby!!!!!!!!!hahaha


Ok I lie.hahahaha but that's basically the process. It didnt take more than 45 minutes to complete all.


Now, my next step is asking for SURAT AKUAN BUJANG from the school. I is shy...hahahahaha rase nak sepak.

p/s There were 2 different couples, taking the test together. And all the nurses/ MO I met asked me where's my partner coz they said usually there are partners doing hiv test together.. B i is sad.  =(
Thursday, February 16, 2012

Month corn

A direct translation of sebulan jagung/ setahun jagung.hehehehe

Alhamdulillah, it's been a month since I reported for duty. I've learn bits from here and there and still hungry for more. I've more confidence now, talk more with colleagues and mingle around with students. I love my school. I feel so comfortable here. Alhamdulillah. =)

My mentor now let me enter one of her classes without having her in the class. Actually since my school is lacking of MUET teachers, so every lesson has combine classes. So the number of students are pretty big. The students are sitting for MUET next week so this week my mentor asked me to handle one of her classes so that we can focus more on the weak students. I'm so loving the moment. I think the students love me too. Boleh perasan?hahah So far I have no problem with the  high proficient groups.

Today I entered one of the classes, 98% are malays and 2% are Indians. This is a weak class. Since they are sitting for Speaking test first so I did speaking practice with them. I divided them into 4 groups, representing Candidate A, B, C and D. I read aloud the situation and asked them to discuss. I wanted for each of them to speak at least 1 minute and everyone must speak. Most of them had problems with grammar, some were gasping for words, lacked of confidence. A few were too confident in fact.haha However, what caught my attention was this particular girl. I've met her few times but didnt really have the chance to check on her level. So today I did.

Remember I ask them to speak for at least a minute? Well this girl couldnt even utter a word. The next thing I knew she was hiding her face and cried! I was like... what??????? So I let her off the practice and continued the lesson. For the first time today I saw some of them were really trying and struggling to converse in English. During the combined classes, this group would always sit at the back and shrunk themselves. But today Alhamdulillah they opened up and shared their concerns with me. Before this I thought they were not interested in English. I thought wrong. They really really really want to get good band for MUET. They asked so many questions on how to speak like this, what if they lose words, what if they dont know the specific vocab. so many what ifs. I feel bad for them. In the big group, i think they were neglected. I dont blame my mentor though coz the group is soo big that it's almost impossible for my mentor to tackle all problems. I just hope this weak kids can at least get Band 3 for the test.

Anyhoo, back to the girl who broke down and cried, she came to see me during recess. She wanted me to help her to improve her proficiency and gain her confidence to speak in English. Honestly, I told her that there's nothing much I can do with only few days left before the paper. She said never mind. So starting tomorrow I'll be staying back to be her tutor. I dont mind coz I really really really want to help the Malays to improve in English. InsyaAllah =)

Like I said, I'm planting seeds of love for this profession. I enjoy entering classes, teaching and laughing with the students. I hope this feeling will stay forever.

How's your day? =)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I've been up to

I know I have put up less pictures nowadays.haha the same reason stands. Privacy and security purposes.

However, I took some pictures lately. Not many but still, have something to show you.hehe

I'm the advisor (teacher) for Skuasy.hehe Since our school doesnt have the court, we'll meet at one of the hotels in Melaka city that has the facility. RM5/hour per court. 

I've been helping my panitia teacher with her compiling works. I have too much free time that I've been asking to be given works just to kill the boredom.haha so today I helped her to make this collage. She's compiling some of her students' work for MUET. 

Last but not least, my love letters for Valentine. hahaa Ok just kidding.

Remember I was so frustrated with the students yesterday? 

I thought of a way to handle my situation. So today after the formative test, I asked them to take out a piece of paper and write what they like/dislike about my way of teaching. No name should be written. Then I asked them suggestions of activities that they want to do in class. I didnt have time to read in school so I brought all the 'letters' home. =D

Based on all the comments, lemme lay out the summary of all.

Basically they are ok with my style. My explanations are ok. My voice projection is fine. Basically ok.

There were few complaints tho. Quote:

Cikgu jangan tulis besau2 kat papan putih

Cikgu tak banyak bagi keja rumah.

Nak pulak keja rumah banyak. Bagi kang tak hantau.hahahaha

After that, I told them why I was upset yesterday. Why I screamed. Why I walked out of the class. Some of them admitted that they were naughty in their letter so I think I got the message through.hehe Now I feel at peace. 

p/s Baru faham perasaan cikgu yang marah2 dalam kelas. Forgive me Ustazah Nooranita =')

Monday, February 13, 2012


I lost it again. My temper. In the same class as appeared in the previous post before, today.

It was an afternoon class.

I tried to make the lesson as interesting as possible. Civic education, whaddaya expect?

Towards the end, I asked them to hand in their exercise book, sit at their own place and keep quite. So I was looking at this one particular student, asking him to sit down. He just stood there, laughing and looking at me. As if he was challenging me.

Then I lost it. I screamed, stood right in front of him and glared at him. I know I have eerie look when I'm angry (hahaha). I stared at him till he couldnt lift his head. The rest went silent too.

I lost my temper because:

1. I tried to make the class interactive, meaning even if the students make noise, it's necessary. Worked for few minutes only.

2. I had to be on feet walking around most of the time to make sure the students were doing the work.

3. I hadnt had lunch. Hungry me, angry me.

4. Almost lost my voice coz the class is huyeugge. Lontaran suara penting.

5. One of the students, kept asking me: cikgu, penting ke buat benda ni? penting ke? He asked for so many times. He didnt see the importance of the lesson. T__T

6. My last straw was the boy who at that point I thought he was testing my patient.

Basically that was it. I'm going to change my strategy again. No more nice Cikgu Ain. No more kiddos.I'll make your life hell. muahahahahaha

Ok I lie.

I seek advice from my panitia teacher. She suggested few ways. I''ll try it one by one.

p/s Now I understand why some teachers refuse to teach that arent in their field. It's frustrating. I want to teach English......

p/p/s After I consulted the panitia teacher, she said she'll make sure I wont teach Civic anymore next year coz I'll be teaching form 6 and one class from lower Form. I like!
Sunday, February 12, 2012

Once the money's in.....

Because of the pending issue of our offer letter, money is no where to be seen. Since I started working the other day, I have planned plans of what to do once the money is in.muehehehe I wanna share witchu all today. Coz it's a new day and I need to blog about something.hehehehe here goes:

1. Get mani and pedi sesh. A colleague told me the outlet in JJ offers cheaper price compared to DP.

2. Hair pampering. My hair has gone haywire.hahahaha

3. A massage. I think my body has become a gas tank now. Easily get bloated/fart/burp at random times. and get cramps also.hahahahahhaahha

I is comel. eh?

4. Buy something for my mom. Delayed birthday gift T___T

5. Bring the whole family for makan-makan. This time must book Parameswara Umbai. *SLURRRPP*

6. Buy a new laptop. My laptop is dying. I think it's still holding on because she understands my situation. Hang on lappy ='). You've served me well from the past 6 1/2 years. go go go!

OH MY GUSI! I'm so gonna pimp my laptop like this. Crazy cute!!! But not yellow for sure. *mouth opens wide*

7. Save save save save

8. Wedding IOUs, stuffs and sewaktu dengannya.

Eh, why wedding stuffs came in last leh? hahaha But all these might no be fulfilled. I know myself too well that when I dont have money, I want so money thing. But when I have money, I lust towards food more than things I really need to buy. Haiya! Let see =)
Saturday, February 11, 2012

Legal process

Hola peeps.

Today I went for my first course as a teacher, BBSM course.hehe Didnt have to go to school.muehehehe

Wedding prep updates.

Currently B and I are working on the legal process. The process is quite tedious but necessary. But it makes me dizzy most of the time. Too many and too long.

One of the requirements is to have a letter, official letter from the employer i.e. the school to state that I'm still single. eh betul ke ayat ni?hahah Surat Akuan Bujang. The problem is, I shy to ask. Mak said, malu toksah kawen T___T... But seriously, once I ask about the letter the whole school will be acknowledged that I'm getting married. NO NO NO. I dont like that kind of attention. malu....

Actually I plan to ask for the letter in April. But.... Abah has been bugging me to get all documents ready asap. He keeps telling me 2 bulan je lagi apsal nak tangguh2? See abah den. 3 bulan lagi kot.Not 2 months.hahaha

Hopefully everything will go smoothly as plan. InsyaAllah =)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Program Pembangunan Guru Baru

I'm so confused about this.

Oh hey, lil bit of introduction, PPGB was first introduced in 2010. A programme to help and guide new teachers in their first year of teaching. Basically, the teachers will need to prepare a folio, reports of the progress made in the first year.

When I reported myself to JPN the other day, none of us were told about this. Thinking back I think we should've been briefed bout this but on that day I recall, 2 of the speakers werent around erego the briefing was indeed brief. This thing has been bugging my mind since I read that some of my friends went through detail explanation bla bla bla.

I did ask some of my colleagues who reported for duty last year. They said they went for a orientation for 3 days (the school sent them to a resort hoccay...I is jeles) and they prepared something like a folio. But one of them told me they havent handed in the folio and no body has asked for it. And their statuses have been confirmed. That's why I'm confused because based on what I read and my friends told me we wont be confirmed in service unless we pass the assessment. Dang!

So I spent few hours this afternoon looking up as much information as possible. Scrutinizing the formats, forms and what nots. What made me more confused and scratched my head harder is we need to be observed by the mentor after 3 months of teaching, I mean after we first started in school. The problem is I'll start teaching in May, when the lower 6s come. Then how la? We'll be observed at least 2 times. hmm....

So I asked my mom did PPD Officers come to observe about the program at her school. She said never. =___='. Based on my readings, the states that are so active with this programme are Johor, Penang, Negeri Sembilan. Melaka none (couldnt find anything on the net).

To play safe, I'll just prepare the thing. At least I'm doing something in case some officers decide to drop by and ask about it.hehe 

That's all about the confusion of the day. I hope the tangle in my head will be untangled soon. Just pray for the best!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


My day is filled with challenges. Usually the ones that I dont expect at all. For example, today.

I'm a learning assistant to my mentor. That's what it says on paper till I get my own class (s) to teach in May. My routine everyday is to go and see my mentor asking about where's the class will be and what is she planning to do. But today I had to run some errands. 5 minutes before the class started I went to see her. Usually we enter the class together. 

Suddenly today she said:

"Nurul, do you want to enter my class and discuss the trial exam questions with them?"

I gasped. 

Me, alone standing in front of two classes (combined class) with advanced proficiency level.

I just couldnt say no. I didnt have the face to say no too coz I've been following and observing her when she was teaching and after a month I still say no? sooner or later I'll need to teach. So with fake smile on my face, I said yes. I was damn nervous.

My mentor, the bestest in the world understood my concern. Then she said:

"Never mind, you go first. After 20minutes I'll come. I know you cannot do it if I'm there"

Honestly at that time I feel like hugging her. Of course I was more nervous to teach in front of her.hahaha

Anyhoo, I did went, and I think, I think la I did well for a first timer. Little did I know my mentor was standing and watching me through the back door. Matilaaaaaaaaaaa.hahaha and later she asked me to do the same in another classes.

That's basically what happened today.hehe not to brag but I'm proud of myself for at least trying to be optimistic about everything that's thrown in my way. I panicked at first but managed to pull myself together and tried to do the best. Alhamdulillah.

Working at a prestigious school is no easy. Everyone has high expectation and expect perfection. As for me, the GPK Form 6 looks highly on me because I was trained in maktab before so he expects me to have more exposure than IPT grads. I'm honoured but of course the package is heavy. I'll try my best. 

Everyday I thank God for giving me such a good school to start my career. The teachers here especially MUET teachers are so semangat guiding me in every single way. Even the MUET Panitia is sparing some of her time teaching me how to manage the students, calculate marks, markings etc. My mentor also, who's never stingy in sharing tips about teaching. They really work hard to train me as they know I have zero experience teaching Form 6 students. 

There are so many things that I wish to learn here before I transfer to other school. Insya Allah. =)
Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Classroom Control.

Today school reopened after 3days of holidays. And as usual, it's Monday Blues day for me.hehe

FYI, i got a title, Queen of relief classes. From the past 2 weeks, my experiences in relief classes were not beautiful. Screaming students, screaming me. Havoc and noisy. So today, I got a plan. The plan that came when I entered the first relief class for the day.

It was a Form 3 class where the students are already in the stage of showing their true colors la. The class was noisy at first though I've warned them. Seeing that there's no changes, I got up, took my marker and started writing random words on the board. Then I said: (in bm)

If I hear any noise from anyone, I'll call you and you must write a sentence using the words written, IN ENGLISH!

Zappppp! Just like that the class fell silent. With some minor whispers and giggles. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I love it when my plan works!!!

Towards the end, there were few students making small noises so I just called them and asked them to write.

I tried this plan in a Form 1 class too. However, you know form 1 kids, they became too excited instead =____='... they even asked me to go for few rounds more. And demanded more difficult question.haha But I could say their proficiency is quite good coz few of them could create sentences based on the words 'anticipate'
and 'decapitate'. Walauwehhhh. I only learnt those words in foundation years. Way to go kiddos!


On a different note, it's my pay back time for my students who didnt hand in their homeworks. muahahahahahahaha. 

What I did was I called out the names who handed in theirs and made the rest of the class to stand through out the lesson. Then I gave many exercises and told them that 
  1. I'll let you go back early (last period of the day) if I have 22 books on my table at the end of the lesson. 
  2. I want all exercises to be done including those exercises I gave last week. I'll check each of your book. no play play
My plan works.hahaha I got all the books baby!

Ok that's all. I'm super hungry right now. Have MUET listening paper to mark. Toodles~
Sunday, February 5, 2012

Of Civic Education

Despite many reminders and threatens given to my students to hand in their homework on Friday, only 7 books were on my table at the end of day. Out of 22. I was angry at first. For two days actually. In fact, I've been rehearsing come back words for the kids and some possible punishment for them when I see them next week. Me, the novice teacher. ish.

But after thinking thoroughly by myself while cooking, watching tv, bathing even in my dream - that's how much I thought of the issu =D, I almost come to a conclusion. You see, the subject is Civic Education. I believe in all the schools in Malaysia, this subject is given the least attention by the teachers as compared to other critical subjects. However, it is not to be missed that the lesson learnt from the subject is life long. One sign of not having enough civic awareness is not submitting the homework given. Haish. My point is, the students dont give a damn about this subject. That's why they dont bother to complete the homework. Mind you the homework is just to fill in the blanks - 5 questions altogether. =___='

So I've decided not to give anymore homework on this subject. My mom advised the same thing too.

I've been planning many interesting activities for this subject. I know, it's Civic Education only, why bother so much?haha As I said, the impact. Plus my students are all boys. Boys are more agitated than girls. They get bored easily and they can start misbehave instantly. 

I hope my plan will turn out well. InsyaAllah.

Civic Education

Friday, February 3, 2012

Update fast fast

Hi, I ikha. I just turn 2. My hair is short coz ibu and ayat cut cut but they no good.hehe

Fuhh fuhhhh. This candle is so stubborn.

My cake is sooo yummeh. Alang, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Yeaaa my first doll!! I have few projects in mind already with this dolll.muehehehehehe

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I is so serabut right now =D

With the pending issue of our salary - still waiting for the offer official letter from the government. Without the letter, the clerk cannot proceed with the salary thingy. I is sad.

Up to date: My debt is mounting. Sometimes it gives me chill just to see at the amount. I keep track of how much money I owe people - mom and B. Salary, come faster to mummeh!

School: As a new teacher, many parties want to shove me with works. So far I dont really mind since I dont have many classes to teach till May. But there's this thing happening right now that put me in the utmost uncomfortable situation - ever!

There's this one party who wants me to be the head of this organisation. But there is another party who disagree - because I'm still very new and it's not fair to just pass the work to me without at least give me some room to learn first. Because of this, there was a slight disagreement that left me in between. Now the first party always look at me one kind - as if I was the one who had the say =( 

And then there's another thing - a total different situation. I am a helper to this one party. But this has aroused dissatisfaction of other parties as they said the first party now has more time to relax bla bla bla since I'm helping with the marking etc. However, what the rest of the parties dont know is everytime after I'm done marking, the first party still have to read and go through my work. It's not like this party gets off the hook of workloads. Coz I'm still in the learning process, the principal wants me to be trained and not given any critical class to teach, at least for now. And because of this stupid - yes I would say stupid because the basis is 'berkira nak mati', the first party is facing some problems. and me as the person who's in between, feel the worst because I dont want to ruin anyone's good relationship.

I is serabut now. I need a vacation. Oh wait. No money =(

On the other hand, I need to be more strict. I hate to be a nice teacher that students can step on my head as they please. Damn!

Happy Birthday Ikha!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday my sweetest niece in the worl!!! =')

Alang misses you soo badly that Alang always looks at your picture in her phone. 

Cant wait to see you possibly in March when I go Kedah ok!

Hadiah hutang okeh.haha gaji entah bila masuk. Tapi kalau dah masuk Alang jadi orang kaya.hahahah

Semoga membesar menjadi anak yang solehah.


My brother reported for work yesterday. He is finally an official lecturer in UITM. We are all proud of you.!! InsyaAllah one day I will follow suit! ngeh ngeh
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