Thursday, February 16, 2012

Month corn

A direct translation of sebulan jagung/ setahun jagung.hehehehe

Alhamdulillah, it's been a month since I reported for duty. I've learn bits from here and there and still hungry for more. I've more confidence now, talk more with colleagues and mingle around with students. I love my school. I feel so comfortable here. Alhamdulillah. =)

My mentor now let me enter one of her classes without having her in the class. Actually since my school is lacking of MUET teachers, so every lesson has combine classes. So the number of students are pretty big. The students are sitting for MUET next week so this week my mentor asked me to handle one of her classes so that we can focus more on the weak students. I'm so loving the moment. I think the students love me too. Boleh perasan?hahah So far I have no problem with the  high proficient groups.

Today I entered one of the classes, 98% are malays and 2% are Indians. This is a weak class. Since they are sitting for Speaking test first so I did speaking practice with them. I divided them into 4 groups, representing Candidate A, B, C and D. I read aloud the situation and asked them to discuss. I wanted for each of them to speak at least 1 minute and everyone must speak. Most of them had problems with grammar, some were gasping for words, lacked of confidence. A few were too confident in fact.haha However, what caught my attention was this particular girl. I've met her few times but didnt really have the chance to check on her level. So today I did.

Remember I ask them to speak for at least a minute? Well this girl couldnt even utter a word. The next thing I knew she was hiding her face and cried! I was like... what??????? So I let her off the practice and continued the lesson. For the first time today I saw some of them were really trying and struggling to converse in English. During the combined classes, this group would always sit at the back and shrunk themselves. But today Alhamdulillah they opened up and shared their concerns with me. Before this I thought they were not interested in English. I thought wrong. They really really really want to get good band for MUET. They asked so many questions on how to speak like this, what if they lose words, what if they dont know the specific vocab. so many what ifs. I feel bad for them. In the big group, i think they were neglected. I dont blame my mentor though coz the group is soo big that it's almost impossible for my mentor to tackle all problems. I just hope this weak kids can at least get Band 3 for the test.

Anyhoo, back to the girl who broke down and cried, she came to see me during recess. She wanted me to help her to improve her proficiency and gain her confidence to speak in English. Honestly, I told her that there's nothing much I can do with only few days left before the paper. She said never mind. So starting tomorrow I'll be staying back to be her tutor. I dont mind coz I really really really want to help the Malays to improve in English. InsyaAllah =)

Like I said, I'm planting seeds of love for this profession. I enjoy entering classes, teaching and laughing with the students. I hope this feeling will stay forever.

How's your day? =)

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