Friday, February 24, 2012


Today merentas desa went well that we went back at 10.45am an hour ealier.hehe Despite some stupid incidences, I'm happy to welcome yet another weekend. woot woot!

I was so tired today that I slept for almost 3 hours in the afternoon. Then I remembered I hadnt prepared lesson planning since yesterday! I was so tired last night that I hit the sack before 9pm =(

So update lesson plan I did just now. Too bad, I've got 'LEWAT' in my record. Uwaaaaaaaaaaaa

Uwaaaaaa... my record is spoiled =(

Our school is using this system where the teachers dont need to write any lesson plan in the big thick book. It's convenient because each of us is given one ring file and we need to print out the lesson plans for Monday ONLY! HUahaha but this left me thinking what if the education officer comes to observe me?well...

However, with this application too, the principal can keep track on all the lesson plans i.e. we cant afford not to prepare any LP at all coz he can monitor through the screen in his office.huhu This is because all the lesson plans need to be approved by him or all the senior teachers.

p/s I dunno why but I dont like my sentences in this post. hmm..

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