Saturday, February 25, 2012

Program Pembangunan Guru Baru #2

So my mind was made clear after I attended a briefing by JPN Melaka last Tuesday. Alhamdulillah, a day after I yapped about the not-know-about this programme, Allah answered my prayer by sending me a letter to the school.haha

Anyhoo, after invigilating MUET I sped to the appointed school in Batu Berendam. I was a 15minutes late because MUET exam ended quite late that day (1.45pm) and the programme started at 2pm. Unfortunately, the event only started at 3pm =_______________='.

Basically, there were 3 speakers of the day. One for the background of the programme. Another one was how to prepare a folio. The last one for action research (kajian tindakan) that must be carried out within a year. I'll break down one by one.

1. Introduction of the programme.

Basically, this programme is meant to help all the new teachers to get through their first year of teaching with some guidance and support from the school and appointed mentor. Overall, I think this programme deserves a recognition because let's face it, new teachers are inexperienced be it in teaching or managing. This programme is good bebeh.

There will be 3 phases for this programme that will proceed for at least a year. Orientation phase will run in the first 3 months since the first day in school. Apart from that, we will be observed by our mentor, PPD officer or the principal or GPKs at least 3 times in a year. *shivers*

2. Preparing a folio.

For this programme, all new teachers are required to prepare a folio that includes the teacher's personal details, school profile, list of jawatans and responsibilities, orientation phase report, mentoring phase report and reflections. Phew!

3. Action research

We are also required to carry out a research - action research that is in the first year of teaching. The research need not to be complicated but a simple one. At least ONE must be carried out. 

Why this programme?

We were told if we dont have this folio or follow all the requirements, the school has the right not to recommend our confirmation in the service. Bummer! But since I believe that this programme have many many advatages at least to me, I wont whine.haha

Anyhoo, I found this link where you can download the slides about PPGB. The slides are exactly the same during my briefing. Happy exploring new teachers!!

p/s Now I'm busy listing and typing all the reports since I reported to school. Lucky I have my blog and small note books that I have all the important dates for the report.muehehehehee

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