Sunday, February 19, 2012


The future it is. I read a post from Vivy's blog today regarding future planning. I have always that thought in my head but she managed to put those thought in words. 

I constantly think about the future especially financial issue. With kids (InsyaAllah) as part of the plan, managing the money is the utmost important. And as Vivy has put it about having 'the talk' with future spouse, B and I havent really discussed about this. hehe B, let's have a talk! Though I can say that with combined salary, B and me we can have a comfortable life (comfortable not wealthy), I still have concerns and so many what ifs about the future.

Scary, it is the future.

Anyhoo, many kind hearted people around me lend whatever they have to help me with the wedding preparation. I couldnt express how much I feel  and thankful for all the helps. hehe

Just yesterday, one of my aunties dropped these trays for my hantarans. hehe Thanks Busu! My room is too packed with other stuffs so have to keep these things in my brother's room. Haiya!

Our littel korean princess dropped by for a while last night. Giving Alang her gedik pose.hehe 

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