Sunday, February 5, 2012

Of Civic Education

Despite many reminders and threatens given to my students to hand in their homework on Friday, only 7 books were on my table at the end of day. Out of 22. I was angry at first. For two days actually. In fact, I've been rehearsing come back words for the kids and some possible punishment for them when I see them next week. Me, the novice teacher. ish.

But after thinking thoroughly by myself while cooking, watching tv, bathing even in my dream - that's how much I thought of the issu =D, I almost come to a conclusion. You see, the subject is Civic Education. I believe in all the schools in Malaysia, this subject is given the least attention by the teachers as compared to other critical subjects. However, it is not to be missed that the lesson learnt from the subject is life long. One sign of not having enough civic awareness is not submitting the homework given. Haish. My point is, the students dont give a damn about this subject. That's why they dont bother to complete the homework. Mind you the homework is just to fill in the blanks - 5 questions altogether. =___='

So I've decided not to give anymore homework on this subject. My mom advised the same thing too.

I've been planning many interesting activities for this subject. I know, it's Civic Education only, why bother so much?haha As I said, the impact. Plus my students are all boys. Boys are more agitated than girls. They get bored easily and they can start misbehave instantly. 

I hope my plan will turn out well. InsyaAllah.

Civic Education

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