Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chirp chirp

I consider myself a healthy happy person. I usually go to school with chirpy mood because I know the day is gonna be long. So happy morning, happy day.

Today as usually I was all chirpy in the morning. Since I'm invigilating MUET till next week, I have so many things to be done - not MUET stuffs tho. Other errands. So this morning I was literally ran all over the place - saw the principal to hand in Formative test marks, asked for PPGB signature, then to see my mentor to inform few things, then to another teacher to inform her regarding KCKT, then to my head of Sivik Panitia asking about MAC test questions. And I did those in 15minutes. All sweat but no tears.haha

After that had to run to the MUET room which is at the highest level of the building. I ran because I was almost late for the registration. With bags, files and water bottle in my 4inches crocs.hahaha hope you could imagine me walking like a drunk master.

During the exam, I was pretty much free except for occasional disturbances from the candidates asking this and that. Other wise I was too free to the point of banging my head on the wall. But that what I felt yesterday. Today I bought a book to read.hihi

I;m not good in drawing. Evident from the pictures above =__=

Oh by the way, those were yesterday's master pieces.hihihihi

I miss writing/typing. hence the pointless post. Good day!

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