Friday, February 10, 2012

Program Pembangunan Guru Baru

I'm so confused about this.

Oh hey, lil bit of introduction, PPGB was first introduced in 2010. A programme to help and guide new teachers in their first year of teaching. Basically, the teachers will need to prepare a folio, reports of the progress made in the first year.

When I reported myself to JPN the other day, none of us were told about this. Thinking back I think we should've been briefed bout this but on that day I recall, 2 of the speakers werent around erego the briefing was indeed brief. This thing has been bugging my mind since I read that some of my friends went through detail explanation bla bla bla.

I did ask some of my colleagues who reported for duty last year. They said they went for a orientation for 3 days (the school sent them to a resort hoccay...I is jeles) and they prepared something like a folio. But one of them told me they havent handed in the folio and no body has asked for it. And their statuses have been confirmed. That's why I'm confused because based on what I read and my friends told me we wont be confirmed in service unless we pass the assessment. Dang!

So I spent few hours this afternoon looking up as much information as possible. Scrutinizing the formats, forms and what nots. What made me more confused and scratched my head harder is we need to be observed by the mentor after 3 months of teaching, I mean after we first started in school. The problem is I'll start teaching in May, when the lower 6s come. Then how la? We'll be observed at least 2 times. hmm....

So I asked my mom did PPD Officers come to observe about the program at her school. She said never. =___='. Based on my readings, the states that are so active with this programme are Johor, Penang, Negeri Sembilan. Melaka none (couldnt find anything on the net).

To play safe, I'll just prepare the thing. At least I'm doing something in case some officers decide to drop by and ask about it.hehe 

That's all about the confusion of the day. I hope the tangle in my head will be untangled soon. Just pray for the best!

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