Sunday, February 26, 2012


I've spent my weekend wisely, by assembling materials, sorting documents, and typing endlessly for PPGB folio. Phew~ I credit myself for being able to force ownself and finish doing it. Alhamdulillah.

Mom was sooo pening as I threw the house into major messiness. With files, papers, stationeries lying around, she couldnt help but nag.sorry mak!

Actually I didnt prepare PPGB folio only but also for 'Memo' and 'MUET' files. I have soooo many memos/letters and what nots from the school and I needed to get them organize pronto. So organize them I did today.muehehehe


I sorted them according to Months/ Urgent.huhu

This is my PPGB folio. 

Through out the process, mom kept telling me to relax, I can always do it later. But I know my school and my workplace quite well by now, sometimes works can just appear on my table without warning. Therefore, completing the file was my utmost priority for this week. I also foresee many papers to be marked because next week will be Mac Monthly test. 

Another thing is my cubicle is neighboring a group of excellent teachers - BM, Science, Econs, Physics. So I always observe how they manage their tables, letters, books. They are very systematic indeed. So I make it compulsory to follow their style =)

As a reward, gonna buy something or eat something delicious tomorrow. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

p/s gonna go to JPN and collect my letter tomorrow. Letter means Kaching!!! $$$$$$$

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